All you need to know about Dry RV Camping

Camping is one of the favourite activities for a lot of people around the world. Not only is it something that takes us away from the daily life but also something which puts us in close proximity to nature. Out of the many kinds of camping, one of the popular and upcoming is Dry RV Camping. This kind of camping is a type of RV camping in which there is no luxury of electricity, water or sewer connections. Dry RV camping is also known as boondocking.  If you wish to know more about dry RV camping, you can go through the following given information.

all you need to know about dry RV camping

Dry RV camping is also known as off the grid, off the cord, dispersed camping and wild camping. There are many benefits of this kind of camping and some of them are given below:

  • The first and most amazing benefit of dry RV camping is that it helps to reduce or shrink our carbon footprint and helps to reduce harm that we do to the environment. This is a great way to disconnect and truly surround yourself with nature.  Since there is no electricity and water supply, we learn to live on the minimum and only with the facilities that nature provides us.
  • Another advantage of dry RV camping is that this kind of camping is a great way to save money as well. When you don’t use electricity or water, then you can save a lot of money, even if for a few days and this can prove to be great from an economical point of view.
  • Dry RV Camping is one of the most nature friendly kinds of camping since people do not use toilet or bathroom for baths etc and this gives them an opportunity to utilize natural ways to go on with their essential day to day activities. They may live and sleep inside RV vans during camping trips but spend time out in the nature and often on the go.
  • Instead of electricity, there are many boondocking gadgets which make use of solar power that can be used for work, entertainment and essential activities. These days, portable solar panels help to power RV vans for those who are out on their dry RV adventure. These panels help to provide power for TVs, laptops and other such devices. Usage of solar power again is a nature-friendly activity and is surely the future. It avoids the need to carry generators and avoids the hot obnoxious fumes as well.
  • As far as water is concerned, dry RV camping may involve people using the minimum quantities of water for essential things like going to the toilet or taking a bath. Many low flow shower heads and special faucets can be built in RV vans to ensure minimum use of water. Infact, some people also use solar showers for doing dishes and general clean ups without which one cannot live or survive.

So plan your next camping trip as dry RV camping and have an all together different experience.