Grilled Fish – A Recipe For An Authentic Camping Dish

On a camping trip, nothing is quite as fitting as to grill fish freshly caught after a long day of fun.

There are a number of recipes for making fish, but there are basic spices a person should usually have on a camping trip.

grilled fish recipeFirst is pepper, black pepper is a good spice and is great with fish; however, if no one minds a little tartness in their fish lemon pepper is also very good. Lemon and most sea foods go together just like shrimp and lemon.

Salt is also another handy thing to take on a camping trip as it can easily take the blandness right out of a food. Other seasonings that are good are cayenne pepper to give the fish a little heat and enliven the taste of it.

If opting not to use lemon pepper, either a sprinkling of lemon or lime juice will give the tartness to the fish.

Butter is also handy to have around because not only is it delicious with almost everything, but a little smear of it on the fish will give it a great grill taste and smell.

The best thing to do is take along the spices most commonly used at home, the ones everyone loves and mix and match to suit the tastes of those who are going to enjoy this delicious meal.