The Various Do’s and Don’ts of Glamping

Glamping or glamorous camping is the term which is used to refer to that kind of camping where campers enjoy more luxuries than basic tent camping.  In glamping, campers may camp outdoors but in more comfortable accommodations and may get to enjoy some more amenities like Jacuzzis, swimming pools, hot water baths, comfortable bedding and others.

But in order to make the most of glamping outing, there are certain things which everyone must keep in mind. Thus for your reference below given is a list of do’s and don’ts related to glamping.

various do’s and don’ts of glamping

Dos of Glamping

Find the Right Crash Pad

One of the first things that you definitely must do while glamping is to do some research and find the right crash pad. Make sure it is not as luxurious and comfortable as a five star and not as basic as a tent.  These days, many good and affordable glamping sites are available and can be found by doing a basic search on the internet.

Do Enjoy the Nature

A lot of people think that glamping is about enjoying the luxurious away from home without having to spend on a hotel. But glamping too is a form of camping where you must definitely enjoy the nature and outdoors. Make sure you spend time outside your accommodation, enjoy the scenery, go out for a hike or fishing session and break away from the comfort for a bit.

Carry Things that Make it Different from Tent Camping

In order to make it different from tent camping, make sure you carry enough things and camping equipment. For example, carry a music system, your laptop, phone, chargers and other electronic equipment which can truly make it a glamorous trip for you.

Don’ts of Glamping

Don’t Dine Like you are in a Five Star Resort

No matter how glamorous glamping can get, you must remember not to dine out like you have come to a five star resort. Doing so will totally ruin the mood and feel of the outing. It is better to stick to stove or bonfire cooking and enjoy what nature has to offer. You can surely carry packaged foods but don’t get entire dinner packed.

Don’t Neglect the Essentials

There are some essentials that you would need to take on your glamping outing, just like you do on a tent camping one. Some of these include sunscreen cream, bug repellant, a backpack, spare tent pegs, a torch, and others. Without these essentials, you may not be able to enjoy glamping and may be stuck in tricky situations.

Don’t Forget Safety

Don’t forget that safety is of paramount importance even on a glamping outing. Look out for animals, insects and keep your belongings safe and in your tent/room. If you are making a fire, be careful about it and always keep a watch on it. Carry a map or use GPS to track the location to avoid getting lost.

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