Get Cheap Camping Gear with These Amazing Resources

— Don’t Ever Pay Full Price for Camping Gear Again!

Forget going to the local outdoor gear store and paying top dollar for your next sleeping bag, tent, or GPS device. Today, there are dozens of high quality online resources where you can find super affordable and cheap camping gear.

1. GearTrade – Buy Theirs, Sell Yours

Cheap Camping Gear - GearTrade

This is by far the best site for finding cheap camping gear. It’s been developed specifically for outdoor enthusiasts and has everything you could possibly need. Most of it is secondhand, but that means big savings for you. And if you can swap or buy something from within your local community, the shipping will be cheap, too!

2. Freecycle For No-Cost Camping Gear

Cheap Camping Gear - Free Cycle

Never pay for your camping gear again with! Here, you’ll find communities in your local area who are exchanging stuff they don’t want everyday of the week. You can either sign up to receive alerts about free stuff as it gets posted, or search their database for what you desire most. Either way, the service is free, and so is the stuff!

3. Ebay For New And Used Cheap Camping Gear

Cheap Camping Gear Products

Why buy full price when you don’t have to? Of course, ebay is one of the best resources for finding affordable camping and outdoor gear of all shapes and sizes. They’ve got categories like backpacks, compasses and GPS devices, clothing, maps, showers, tents, and sleeping gear. And as always, the price you pay is the price you set on ebay.

4. Craigslist For Cheap Camping Gear

Cheap Camping Gear

Here’s another heavy hitter in the trade-swap world, and there’s lots to be had for campers and those looking for outdoor gear. This online exchange site lets you browse through hundreds, if not thousands of posts (free!) listed by people in your community for things they’re trying to sell or get rid of. Simply sign up for a free account, choose your city, and the world of secondhand goods will open up to you.

5. Preloved For Used Camping Equipment – The Joy Of Second Hand

Used Camping Gear

Find great deals on hundreds of preloved outdoor and camping equipment supplies on Everything from toilet tents to cool boxes to camping loos to sleeping bags can be found on this funky site. They’ve also got a section for camping vehicles and other large items. Membership is free and many of the items accept offers.

6. Swapster

Cheap Camping Gear

Here’s another great site for those interested in giving camping a try without the high upfront cost you’d have to pay for brand new equipment. On swapster, you can browse through all kinds of second hand items, and either buy or trade the provider for their goods. It’s a great way to support recycling while getting what you need either at a low cost or free.

7. Flecktarn For Army-Rated Outdoor Gear

Camping Gear Cheap
If you’re really hardcore about your outdoor adventures, then look no further than this online marketplace (available for a variety of countries, including Germany, the UK, US, Canada, and more). They carry outdoor and defense industry equipment and clothing that is built to last and tested to perform. Great deals for the truly serious outdoors person.

8. Meetups For Swapping, Trading, And Buying

Cheap OutDoor Gear

If you’re wary about trying camping gear unseen, then why not try out a swap meet in your local community? is the place to find individually organized swaps, trade groups, and, well, meetups focused around a variety of interests, including camping and outdoor adventure.

Search here to see if there’s one already going on in your local community, and if not, that’s your cue to start one!

9. Camping Swap For Second Hand Gear

Camping Gear

Made specifically for bargain-hunting campers like you, this site lets you swap, trade, and sell all of your old camping gear or buy “new to you” gear for your next outing. They’ve got footwear, cookware, sleeping gear, electronics, backpacks, walking sticks, and much more – what better way than this to get cheap camping gear!

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