8 Ways to Go off the Grid While RV Camping

— Alternative Energy Ideas for Affordable RV camping!

When you think of living off grid, what first comes to mind? If it’s RV camping, then get a load of these fun off-grid ideas for your motorhome. They’ll have you traveling cheaply and living on the road more sustainably.

1. Solar Power Kits for RV Camping

Alternative Energy Ideas for RV camping

The most obvious way to get off grid with your motorhome and start saving money is to install a solar power system. These come in a variety of sizes and styles, most of which can be mounted directly to the roof of your RV (some remain on as you drive, others are removed before going on the road).

2. Portable Solar for your RV Gadgets

Alternative Energy Ideas for RV camping

Another great way to introduce renewable energy to your RVing adventures is to purchase a portable solar kit for powering things like your laptop, cell phones, GPS devices, and even your television (depending on the size). These give you freedom to camp wherever you like, whether there are power outlets or not.

3. Wind Turbines for RV Camping

Alternative Energy Ideas for RV camping

Another great way to produce your own electricity while on the road is to use a wind turbine. Today, there are a number of fun and inexpensive wind power options for motorhomes. They may be small, but they pack a punch. Be sure to lower your turbine before heading out on the road again!

4. Handytank Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Alternative Energy Ideas for RV camping

Take this Handytank Rainwater Harvesting System by RST on your next outdoor adventure to collect rainwater on the go. This 120 gallon rain water storage tank has a PVC bladder that fits over a coated steel frame – all of which can be collapsed into a black mesh cover. You’ll never be without water to wash your dishes or flush the toilet again with one of these!

5. Composting Toilets for your Motorhome

Alternative Energy Ideas for RV camping

Forget about having to empty your black water system by choosing a composting toilet instead! It’s a green way to deal with your human waste while minimizing the need for stops (and the mess of emptying your sewage system).

Thankfully, there are some nicely sized portable composting toilet options now on the market that make it easier than ever to use these type of Camping toilet system in your RV. This Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet, for instance, is easy to use, easy to install, and great for RVs, campers, and motor homes.

6. Solar-Powered Refrigerator Fan

Alternative Energy Ideas for RV camping

Your fridge is one of the biggest energy hogs in your RV camping, but you can extend the life of your batteries and reduce the number of charges required by hooking up a solar-powered RV fridge fan.

These are mounted into your refrigerator’s compartment to boost your fridge’s efficiency by up to 40%. It works by cooling the condenser and absorber coils so that your fridge can run efficiently, even in hot weather.

7. Solar LED Awning Lights for RV Camping

Alternative Energy Ideas for RV camping

Add warmth and uniqueness to your RV’s exterior with solar-powered awning lights. By employing LED bulbs rather than traditional energy-wasting bulbs, these renewably-powered strings of lights will help you light up the night without using electricity. Now that’s good for your pocketbook!

8. Portable Solar Lighting

Alternative Energy Ideas for RV camping

If you’re the kind of person who likes to make your RV feel just like home, then this solar RV product is for you! It combines the friendliness of a welcome mat with the practicality of outdoor lighting so that you and your guests can find your spot after dark.

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