Stay Safe This Summer With 8 Best Camping Gadgets

Make this summer’s camping trip a safer one with 8 green camping gadgets!

Heading out into the wilderness sounds like fun, but have you prepared for every eventuality? What if you encounter a bear or suffer an injury? How will you find your way around in the dark?

This summer, stay safe with some of the best eco-friendly camping gadgets around. We’ve got them here.

1. WebMD Neck Tote First Aid Kit

Be prepared for injuries with this WebMD Neck Tote First Aid Kit that comes complete with adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, first aid card, and antiseptic towels.

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The container is made of recycled materials and is conveniently carried around your neck or attached to your bag.

2. Windup Solar AM/FM Radio With Cell Phone Charger

Having a way to stay in contact with the outside world in case of emergency is paramount when you’re in the wilderness, especially if you’re backpacking into the deep woods. Carrying around a wireless GPS device is another great way to ensure you don’t get lost.

Look for a combination camping gadget that comes with a radio, emergency siren, flashlight, and cell phone charger.

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This Red Cross solar-powered, self-powered AM/FM/weather band portable radio with flashlight and cell phone charger is a great choice. You can receive weather news and emergency warnings as well as keep your cell phone charged in case you need assistance. Use the built-in solar panels or the hand crank to keep everything going.

3. Delios Water Filter

Drinking safely while on the go is extremely important if you want to avoid illness. The Delios water bottle filter is one of the best camping gadgets.

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It has a duel filter design with activated carbon and a 0.2 micron hollow fiber filter that cleans out E.coli, mold, mildew, and other bacteria and germs. It can be used for water from all sources, including lakes, ponds, rivers, wells, and even swimming pools. It’s lightweight, compact, and squeezable.

4. Skeeter Skatter

Prevent unwanted bug bites and the resulting illnesses they can bring with an eco-friendly bug spray like Skeeter Skatter. This one is made without DEET (a neurotoxin that can pose serious health risks) but will keep the bugs away nonetheless.

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5. Brunton Explorer Foldable Solar Charger

Having power while on the go is essential if you want to run your GPS device, cell phones, flashlights, and more.

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Flexible solar panels like this Brunton Explorer Foldable Solar panel helps you gather renewable energy while camping so that you can run all of your electronics. It folds up for easy storage and can be attached to your tent or backpack for easy solar-gathering.

6. OASIS Solar Rechargeable Stainless Steel LED Lantern

Keep your campsite illuminated with one of these camping products, beautiful yet functional stainless steel solar-powered lanterns by OASIS.

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The light has both high and low settings and works well in emergencies or just for finding the outhouse in the dark. It’s made with sturdy construction and can even be operated with a remote control.

7. Solar-Powered Pedalite Personal Light

Having light while on the go is very important for personal safety, and this Pedalite is a fantastic green alternative to battery-powered lights.

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It’s a super lightweight light that can strap to an ankle, arm, or your bag and charges in direct sunlight or artificial light. It’s great for hiking trip, cycling, and just hanging out by the campfire.

8. Maps And Apps

Staying safe also means knowing where you’re going and how to handle wildlife should you happen upon a surprised bear or panther.

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Check out iPhone apps like iLocake – Parks (for finding your favorite campground), OffMaps (gives you maps while you’re offline), and use TrackMyTour which would come in handy should you ever become stranded and need a little help getting out of the wilderness.

Alternatively, if you don’t have an iPhone you need to check out the amazing Suunto watches range which is designed for the outdoors.  Some of these watches combine altimeters, barometers, and compasses with the normal time function providing you with valuable data when you are outdoors.

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