Get Outdoors On Your Bike With The Top 9 Cycling Gear Trends

-9 ways to add enjoyment and high-tech functionality to your bike ride

Winter is finally gone and it’s time to get outside and get some exercise! If you’re a cyclist, then you’ll want to have all of the latest gadgets to keep you save and make your ride as enjoyable and productive as possible. Check out these top cycling gear trends and get outdoors for a great workout!

1. Augmented Reality With The iPhone ARider

Using the digital compass on your iPhone, the ARider becomes the ultimate cycling city navtool from Ubiquitous Entertainment.

cycling gear

It employs a retractable head-mounted display and the iPhone’s live navigation tools to project information about your bike route, gives you access to hands-free calls, and more. But this is only a prototype – look for it to be developed further in the coming months.

2. Futuristic Illumination – Knog Frog LED Rear Bike Light

Snap one of these cool new bike lights onto your bike or your clothes to provide illumination for yourself during a night ride.

cycling gear

The flexible silicone gives it the ability to fit onto almost any handlebar and is also water-resistant. The LED lights burn for about 80 hours, offering super-bright steady or flashing light in 11 colors.

cycling gear

3. Easier Carrying With Bikefold

If you’re a commuter faced with the challenge of getting your bike on the bus as you make your way to work, then look no further than the cycling gear BikeFold Speed Pro TT.

cycling equipment

This is a bike you can take anywhere by folding it down to a small, lightweight bundle with the size of a standard suitcase, but when unfolded, it performs as well as a regular bicycle.

cycling equipment

4. Pedal Brain For Ultimate On-Board Biking Technology

The Pedal Brain cycling gear is an invention by avid bike lovers and combines the hardware and software of the iPhone or iPod and your bike helmet to create some great applications.

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It allows you to see your complete route and elevation using the GPS systems in the iPhone or iPod, gives you direction for routes, set up teams and compares rides, get coaching while on the move, and more. Comes with a handlebar mount.

5. Better Sound With The Slipstreamz Spoilers

Ever been frustrated by not being able to listen to your favorite music while cycling? No more with the Slipstreamz Spoilers. These devices reduce wind noise by redirecting airflow over your ears.

bicycle accessories

They can enhance your ability to hear what’s going on around you, while making it easier to listen to what’s coming out of your headphones.

6. Decorate With Sweetskinz

Add some pizzazz to your bicycle with SweetskinZ for your tires. These are available in many colorful designs and can be purchased for a variety of tire sizes as well.

bike accessories

bicycle accessories

7. Easy Tire Pump: Innovations Ultraflate Plus

Take the work out of pumping your bicycle tires with the Innovations Ultraflate Plus Tire Pump. Fitted with a CO2 cartridge, this pump makes pumping up your tires easier than ever before.

bike accessories

All you do is fit the inflator on your Presta (push on) or Schrader (screw on) valves, and then use the Trigger Control Technology to quickly and easily add air to your tires.

8. Add Whimsy To Your Bike Trips

Add a little magic to your morning commute or afternoon cycle with Contrail bike chalk. As you cycle, chalk is deposited on your tires, which then leaves a fun, colorful trail behind you. Coming soon.

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9. The ultimate in bike protection: Pinhead Bubble Lock

You’ll never have to worry again about your bike getting stolen with one of these bike gear, Pinhead Bubble Locks. Using patented pinhead key system, the “bubble” design has fewer weak points and scope for leverage, making it virtually impossible to break.


It can be combined with other Pinhead products to add additional peace of mind

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