16 Modern & Creative Camper Trailers

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What do you do if you are absolutely in love with travel or camping, cannot compromise of your way of living and need your own things for comfortable living? Your own living space, your own amenities and a motor vehicle which has it all, that’s what you call a Camper Trailer.

Whether it is to be used for short leisure activities, vacations or camping or whether you are just interested in having a mobile home for yourself, these camper trailers will kick your senses to new heights!

1. The Rolling Stone

Sustainability and Functionality form the core of this modern and creative camper trailer. It accommodates a minimum two and maximum six people.

camper trailers

Each unit has a small closet, bedroom with a double bed, shower & sink and a toilet. A living room space and a kitchenette and living area can be created in summers and otherwise the open area can also function as a workshop area or theatre.

Energy can be had from two systems: either the wind turbine or the solar panels. Every unit also has a bathtub combination area and a water reservoir on the roof and a grey water treatment facility under the floor of the caravan.

2. The Foldoub Caravan Concept

This camping trailer is all about maximizing available space. It is a very simple concept yet very functional in use and can be towed away to be used whenever needed. It has a bright and bubbly unique design which adds to its appeal.

camping trailer

It offers us plenty of maneuverability options while doubling the available floor space. Three cheers to such innovations!

3. Mehrzeller Caravan

This camper trailer design is a direct reflection of a multi-cellular creation.

Several polygonal structures form this design which is far from being a conventional one. Every unit is custom made by the customers itself, through an online medium, which makes every single unit a unique one.

camper trailer

And inside, every cell performs a different function. No doubt all this makes it such a cool design!

4. The Case Van

This mobile trailer design is the mix of a conventional and a mobile home. It’s a modular mobile home which is extremely functional and yet chic in its looks.

mobile trailers

One of the walls inside will have a touchscreen display with internet connectivity to be able to connect to the outside world. The lighting, as well as other utilities on the inside, are neatly built to fit the walls.

5. Colim Caravan

This camping trailer has its name ‘Colim’ in short for ‘colors of life in motion’, which is a multifunctional vehicle and can be a small car when you don’t need the RV and a whole RV Camping when you actually need one.

camping trailer

It is geometrically shaped and has a flexible living space with individually applicable multi-functional modules. Equipped with auto technology and modern amenities this RV is a very unique and an intelligent design combination.

6. Bob Villa’s Caravan

This camper trailer is far from the square boxes crowding caravan parks. It looks cool, features whitewall tires and wheel covers, aluminum band and dark windows and a smooth airstream form.

camper trailers

Its modern and sophisticated interior boasts of a bedroom covered by an electronically operated pop up roof above the living area. The bedroom can be accessed through a changeable ladder at the end of the kitchen.

7. Opera Mobile Holiday Home

It is more a mobile designer suite than a pop up camper giving you luxuries and amenities you cannot expect from a mobile home.

mobile trailers

It has features like electrically adjustable beds, teak veranda, water heater, low energy LED floor lighting and a hot air heater.

This is certainly not an affordable option but a must have for those who want a well-appointed mobile home.

8. 252° Living Area

This camp trailer is a concept spaceship house and boasts of being compact yet spacious.

camp trailer

There is a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and an office in the 252° Living Area which fans out like Japanese fan. Looks like loads of fun!

9. Bob The Caravan

If you love leading a nomadic like then this is one of the best camper trailers. This motorhome trailer is designed for a small family giving them quality living space, literally a home away from home.

motorhome trailer

It fulfills all basic needs of the traveler and is effectively designed for maximum functionality.

10. Westfalia Verdier Solar Powered Camper

This camper trailer can accommodate a family of four, and give the travelers a realistic moving home for all their weird dreams and needs.

camper trailer

It generates electricity to sustain on-board accessories even if the vehicle is not moving. A GPS over the vehicle and an inbuilt installed PC are its other plus points.

11. The T@B Xl

This is not an RV but a uniquely and brilliantly furnished teardrop shaped tow-away camp trailer, measuring 22 feet with AKS safety coupling and AL-KO trailer control system for easy maneuvering abilities.

camp trailer

It is no doubt expensive what with the teak finishing, 23-inch flat screen TV fitted with a CD-DVD player and leather upholstery but a thing certainly worth having.

12. C3 Hotel Cube

This is one of the cool concept camper trailers with the makings of a futuristic model RV.

motorhome trailers

A dual action stove or refrigerator to pull out awning, an electronically controlled glass and other features as such, this camper van seems like the perfect choice for a weekend getaway.

13. The Cam Concept Camping Car

This is a heavy duty off road Trip camping vehicle and an ideal choice of a motorhome trailer. It has dual mode wheels with 5 spokes for additional grip to the vehicle.

camping car

The windows can be kept transparent or be made tinted with the touch of a button depending on what you want to do, whether it is enjoying the outside scenery from inside or having some privacy for happy moments. This new camper van design is surely to attract a lot of travel lovers.

14. Earthroamer Xv-Jp

This might not be a very roomy option for a lightweight camping trailer but it certainly is a sturdier one.

Unlike normal RV’s which require a ribbon smooth road to move on, this one guarantees going on without flipping on its roof because of its Jeep Wranger Rubicon Unlimited platform.

camping trailer

It has an 80-watt solar panel on the roof to charge the batteries when the vehicle is parked and a 160-amp engine alternator to keep things powered while its on the move.

15. Sylvan Sport’s Go

It boasts of being the most useful piece of outdoor equipment created and looks like a very versatile mobile trailer.

camper van

This camper van conveniently turns into a tent complete with sleeping platforms, entry awning, and various other living configurations for a comfortable on–the-move journey.

16. Compact Caravan Concept

Constant wanderers and campers will prefer this uniquely designed camper trailer because it not only is a fun factor but also gives the traveler a sense of comfort. It is designed to accommodate three people and is very compact in design.

camper van

It not only flaunts a roofed slide out elevated outdoor zone along with pull down seats but also a Mosquito net and other features to give greater flexibility and more freedom to interact with fellow neighbors.

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