Top 10 Camping Kitchen Brands to Cook in the Great Outdoors

Those people who like cooking won’t be able to stop this activity not even when they are camping. This is why it might be a good idea to get a camping kitchen. Here are some of those that you may want to consider.

1. Cabela’s Deluxe Camper Kitchen

Camping KitchenAlthough at first the camper kitchen seems to be large and heavy, you should know that in reality it is quite lightweight and compact. Another advantage is that it is easy to set up and also to take down. It offers enough space for the chef to create culinary art and it also comes with removable hanging pantries.

There are also dual lantern hooks for the convenience of the chef. In case you have one of these, it will be as convenient to cook while being on camping as cooking in your own kitchen.

2. Portable Kitchen PK 99740 Cast Aluminum Cooker

Camping KitchenThis portable kitchen allows you to prepare the meals fast and with little fuss. The shape of it reminds us of the 1950s. Since it is made of thick aluminum, it offers maximum heat radiation and so you can be sure that the meals will be cooked thoroughly and uniformly.

There are also adjustable vents and dampers to make sure that the meals won’t get charred. You also have the possibility to set the temperature. The strong aluminum trays can be used to store utensils, food and spices.

3. Cabela’s Standard Camp Kitchen

The most important feature of this camping kitchen is that it is extremely portable and there is a lot of working space due to the three surface areas. The middle table can be removed and it comes with side pantries and shelves. The center basket is made of heavy-duty PE mesh.

This is very similar to the deluxe one just that this is smaller but it offers the same conveniences. You have enough storage space for the food and spices, not to mention the utensils and tools.

4. Coleman Camp Kitchen

Camping KitchenColeman is a company that knows everything about the outdoor life and so it is no wonder that it came up with a kitchen that would make your life a whole lot easier. The best thing about the kitchen is that it fits into a carrying case. It comes with an adjustable stand to place the cooler or the camping stoves on.

There are also hooks to place camping lanterns on or for the most important kitchen utensils. There is also a mesh shelf that has been created to store the utensils or the smaller pans and pots.

5. REI Camp Kitchen

Camping KitchenIn case you are one of those people who can’t live without the convenience of a kitchen, then it is a camping kitchen that you really need. This one offers you the possibility to organize, prepare, and also cook while being on the road.

You will have everything that you need: a lot of space for storing, a lot of workspace and high quality working table. This kitchen is bringing outdoor cooking to a new level. The product comes with aluminum and steel legs.

6. Coleman Packaway Deluxe Camp Kitchen

Camping KitchenThis is also one of the quality camping kitchens. It comes with a full size kitchen structure that allows you to enjoy the comfort of cooking in your own home, while also having the possibility to enjoy the outdoor breeze.

It comes with separate areas for cooking food, for your stove, for grilling and also for storing the kitchenware that you need. There is also a removable washing tub for you to be able to wash the fruits and vegetables before cooking them. You will have enough storage space for everything.

7. Kelty Basecamp Kitchen

Kelty Basecamp KitchenThe product is free of PVC and the features that it comes with include paper towel holder, transport sack and a zippered pantry area designed for dry goods. It also comes with a durable aluminum table top and a removable windscreen that could make cooking a lot easier for you.

The product is durable having sturdy aluminum frame, but it still can be folded to a relatively small size. This is just like a deluxe camping kitchen that is just great for outdoor cooking and it offers all the conveniences of an indoor kitchen.

8. GSI Outdoors Camp Gourmet Kitchen

GSI Outdoors CampWhat is the only thing that the majority of the outdoor kitchens lack? The water faucet, of course; and this is why this type of outdoor kitchens is different from all the others: because it has one. The main point of this kitchen is to make things easier for you.

It offers a whole different experience regarding preparing and cooking the meals. Since you will have running water you won’t have to worry about disposing waste water anymore. Another special feature of the kitchen is that it comes with adjustable legs to make sure that the working space is at the right height for you.

9. Outbound Portable Camp Kitchen

Portable Camp Kitchen

One of the most interesting things about this kitchen is that it collapses and it turns into its own carrying case. The aluminum construction that it has is easy to clean and it also makes it possible for it to be lightweight.

In order for you to have enough space when preparing the food there are two working surfaces and there are also two wire shelves for the dishes. One of the work tables could also be used to store the stove.

10. Outbound Portable Deluxe Camp Kitchen

Camp KitchenJust as the majority, this camping kitchen can be folded to a small size as well and it also has a carrying bag in order to make it easier for you to store the kitchen. It comes with durable steel tubing and aluminum top.

There are also some poles that can be used to hang lanterns in order for you to see in the dark or to hang pots or pans. There are also two separate tables to have a place for preparing the food.

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