10 Camping Beds and Camping Cots for Smooth and Safe Camping Sleep

Camping is meant to be a rough adventure but many of us prefer to be able to sleep comfortably in order to be ready for the next day. Camping pads and mattresses though comfortable, can pose a problem for those who don’t want to sleep on the ground for health reasons or for those who simply want to be safe from crawling things while they are sleeping.

Camping beds and cots come to their rescue to provide comfort and the luxury of not having to sleep on the ground. Take a look at some of the best camping Air beds and camping cots available online.

1. REI Comfort Cot

REI Comfort Cot promises sound sleep during the night if you sleep on its fully padded bed. The bed is made of polyester fabric and aluminum steel tubes. The polyester keeps it water resistant and dries quickly. The steel aluminum frame makes it strong and sturdy.

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One of the biggest advantages it offers is that its legs can be adjusted individually to give you a straight sleeping surface even if you are on uneven ground. The large feet also add to this advantage. These camping cots are big enough to give you enough room to sleep comfortable too. They are available only online so check it out on rei.com. One of these beautiful silverpine kelp camping cots can be yours for $139.

2. Gander Mountainâ„¢ Tracker Extreme Cot with Removable Cargo Pockets

The Gander Mountain Tracker Extreme Cot is a comfortable extra bed at home and a very large cot when camping. It sure is big at 85”x 42”. The Gander Mountain has sturdy steel legs with rubber bushings meant to rough it out.

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The cot uses, 600 denier polyester fabric promising durability for outdoors use. It takes only a few seconds to set these type of camping beds up and it has a capacity of 600 pounds. The cargo pockets give you comfortable storage when camping outdoors. You can fold it and store it in its own carry bag. This one is yours for $99.99 if you order it on gandermountain.com.

3. Anywhere Bed Collapsible Air Bed – Queen Size

This is one of the large size queen camping beds that you can use at home or carry it with you on camping trips. Collapsible, it can be stored in its own bag and carried any time with ease.  Bed Collapsible Air Bed comes anywhere with its own mattress which can be zippered inside the polyester cover that will keep it in place.

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The collapsible steel frame is strong and of high quality. One year and two year service plans are also available to help you maintain these camping beds in good condition and to increase their durability. Available on gettington.com, it is yours for $129.95.

4. LL Bean: Luxury Camp Bed

LL Bean brings to you the luxury camping beds that can be converted to a lounger by adjusting the backrest. The camp bed is made of tough polyester cover filled with foam that makes it soft and comfy.

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The cot also has a side caddy with a drink holder and pockets. LL Bean camping cots have wide feet that don’t sink to damage your tent floor. They folds flat and are easily stored or transported. Such a bed measures 78”x25” and is 11” high. Order yours now at yahoo.shopit.ca for $95.11.

5. REI Camp Folding Cot

The REI Camp Folding Cot is part of military-style camping cots with sturdy steel/aluminum frame and 600 denier polyester fabric that is durable. The bed has a comfortable height of 18” and is comfortable to sleep on with a sleeping pad. The center is reinforced with a webbing strap to make it more durable.

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It has a couple of organizer pouches to hold essentials for the night. Plenty of storage area is created underneath the camping cot. These folding camping cots come with their own bags making it easy to carry and store. The Folding Cot comes in a smart shamrock color and is available on rei.com for $69.50 only.

6. Coleman Trailhead II Folding Cot

At 30”x80”x17”, the Coleman Trailhead II Folding Cot is big enough for someone who towers well above 6’ too. These camping cots can support up to 300 lbs. the Coleman Trailhead has a powder-coated steel frame that is very sturdy.

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When folded it forms a compact unit and is easy to store and carry in its carry bag that is outfitted with a shoulder sling for comfort. These camping cots are made of Poly Oxford fabric. It is available on amazon.com for $46.39 only.

7. Bunkhouse Deluxeâ„¢ Folding Bed

These folding camping beds from Bunkhouse Deluxe are big enough for someone who is 6’8” in height as it measures 30”x80” and is 14.5” high. It has a tri-fold rust-resistant frame in aluminum and a 1 ½” mattress that is foam padded and backed with vinyl. The mattress is held secure with the help of elastic straps.

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The spring construction gives you plenty of comfort.  There is a lot of space underneath to keep stuff. These camping cots can be used to sleep or to sit. The cot is easy to store as it is tri-fold. Check details on meijer.com. Available for $84.99.

8. Kamp-Rite Rainfly for the Oversize Tent Cot

The KampRite Rainfly keeps you dry and protected when outdoors so that you can enjoy your trip. This particular model fits the oversize tent cot and is held secure with the help of buckles, which will keep it in place even if there are strong winds.

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These camping cots are completely waterproof and lightweight. It can easily fit into the tent cot carry bag. It takes only a couple of minutes to attach and has vent windows on both ends but opens on one side only. The seams are factory tape sealed to prevent rips and damages. Visit buy.com for bargains starting at $39.29 only.

9. Blantex Heavy-Duty Steel Roll-a-Way Bed with Wheels (375 Pound Capacity)

These are convenient and practical camping beds that can easily be rolled away. They have automatic opening legs that make them easy to set up. The frame is made of ¾” square steel tube that has four heavy duty legs for extra strength.

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The frame is backed on epoxy and is painted black. It is also rust resistant. This model is meant for one person who does not weigh more than 375lbs. The Roll-A-Way Bed with Wheels has a 3-1/8” foam mattress and polyester deck with 44 springs and PVC backing.  Available at camping-gear-outlet.com for $159.99

10. Byer of Maine Easy Cot

The Byer of Maine Easy Cot is comfortable camping cots for both big and small people. It can bear weight up to 325lbs. The cot is constructed with welded legs and 600 denier polyester and has multiple fabric reinforcements for support.

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It provides side flap covers to keep your elbows from flopping out. It folds easily and can be stored and carried in the carry bag provided. This good option for an extra bed at home or when you are out camping or traveling, it is available on amazon.com for $69.95 only.

With so many options you will definitely come across the perfect camping cots or camping beds that you can use for your outdoors or indoors need.

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