Top 20 World’s Best Adventure Vacations

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Adventure vacations to rejuvenate yourself! Every once in a while you must have felt that the routine life is so boring that you seek out something that keeps you away from it at least for a while.

During the time of utter boredom, you always seek for some kind of adventure like underwater swimming, scuba diving, cliff diving, skiing, or visiting archaeological ruins or may be a trip in the outer space that rejuvenates you. Escape from your normal activities of television watching and countless bingo games, and trade it in for something a little less than ordinary.

Here is the list of top 20 all time adventure vacations that would surely enthrall you.

1. The pyramids of Giza

The most beautiful thing about adventure vacations is that it relaxes you at its best. The colossal pyramids and the sphinxes found in Giza, Egypt are simply beautiful beyond words.

You might have just heard about pyramids in some novels, movies or the documentaries shown in discovery or history channels that span complete stories of great pharaohs and queens like Cleopatra, Memphis and the mighty kingdoms that believed totally in the Egyptian gods and goddesses like Osiris, Horus, and Iris and so on so forth. A trip to Giza would bring back all those feelings of awe in you.

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2. Morocco

If you believe that you were definitely a fish, a shark, a dolphin or any marine animal in your previous birth because you just love water then Morocco is the best place for you to enjoy adventurous water sports like surfing and scuba diving.

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3. Transylvania

If you have recently watched the movie “Twilight” and are eagerly waiting for “New moon” and have grabbed every vampire romance book, then an adventure trip to Transylvania should be the first adventure vacation spot for you.

If you love the evil vampire “Dracula” who is too handsome to resist, then the famous “Dracula tours” in Transylvania should not be missed at any cost. Make sure that you carry wooden crosses and garlic with you if you do not want to get bitten by the very same breathtakingly beautiful vampire.

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4. Lochsa River, Idaho

One of the most beautiful adventure sports is kayaking. If you are a die hard fan of kayaking then the Lochsa River in Idaho is just the place for you. The wild waves of this river simply trigger your adrenaline so much that it makes the adventurous kayaking truly worth every penny that you had saved for it.

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5. Cape point, South Africa

If you are a person who loves to watch the movie jaws again and again and watch the documentaries on the deadly white, black and blue sharks then Cape point is definitely a place that you should never miss to visit. This place is highly famous for the deadly shark diving.

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6. Zanskar River, Leh, India

The scenic and pastoral beauty of Leh is simply mesmerizing. However, the Zanskar River in Leh never fails to pump up your heart beat owing to its great waves that makes river rafting to be the best adventure sport.

7. Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

You might have clutched the atlas so many times in your hands just to see the highest mountains and wishing that you could reach their apex that the poor atlas must be close to being ripped off.

If you love mountain climbing then the Annapurna circuit in Nepal is the best place for you with simply the best view in the world, that of the Himalayas.

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8. Tenerife, Spain

Spain is famous for Windsurfing at the biggest of its Canary Islands, the Tenerife Island. This island possesses innumerable different landscapes ranging from dormant volcanoes to violent sea waves that become all the mightier with the strong gusts of winds blowing in this island making windsurfing incredibly amazing.

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9. Boracay, Philippines

If you believe that water sports are absolutely thrilling and you are just in love with kite surfing then Boracay bay is the best place for an adventure vacation for you. Moreover, if you want privacy to enjoy the adventure to its fullest then this place is fantastically ideal for you.

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10 . Goa, India

India is the most colorful and exciting place in the whole world with its diverse languages, customs and landscapes. Goa is the most happening place in India where most of the surf lovers go. If you are crazy about sea food, then this is the best place to visit.

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11. The Himalayas, India

If you just love trekking and would give in anything to do that then you deserve the best place for trekking, the Himalaya mountains in India. This is the perfect spot for trekking with its fantastic green environment during summers and white shining glaciers on its top.

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12. Mauritius

If you love the sheer beauty of the coral reefs and just love the movie Madagascar then Mauritius is the perfect adventure vacation spot for you.  The die hard scuba diver’s dreams, the coral reefs in Mauritius are the abode of several different kinds of flora and fauna found in the deep blue oceans and seas.

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13. Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

Lake Wanaka offers the sky divers a scenic beauty to hold their breath and experience the most beautiful and exhilarating moment in their life. This adventure vacation spot in New Zealand has mountains, lakes, rivers everything and is a paradise for adventure sports lovers.

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14. County Kerry, Ireland

This is one of the most happening adventure vacation spots for the lovers of sports like hill climbing, surfing, trekking, horse riding and so on so forth.  This nature’s bounty contains lofty mountains, deep rivers and beautiful star-lit skies that are breathtakingly beautiful.

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15. Venezuela

One of the most beautiful tourist places in the world, Venezuela attracts innumerable adventure sport seekers to itself with its beautiful scenic surroundings with high snowy mountains, deep blue rivers, sandy beaches and mighty wavers of the sea, natural reserves and parks.

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16. Kerala, India

If you are just in love with rappelling and rock climbing but you are constrained with budget then Kerala in India is the best place for you to go on an adventure vacation witnessing the beautiful greenery in the surrounding area.

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17. The Alps, France

The adventure sport vacations are picking up their speed all over the world and France is not far behind in this race for it is a beautiful place for all skiing lovers with its awesome snowy mountains.

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18. Calabria, Italy

If you absolutely love kayaking, canoeing, and surfing then Calabria in Italy is the right place for you. Besides its beauty enhanced by the Mediterranean Sea, you can enjoy indulging in your favorite adventure sports to the fullest.

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19. Rising Fawn, Georgia

Sometimes when you see the movie Harold and Kumar go to white Castle, you might have always wished for just one experience for Para-gliding. If this is the case, then you must go to the Rising Fawn in Georgia, U.S.A. for unlimited paragliding fun.

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20. The outer space

If someone had told you about space travel some 50 years back, you would have laughed like crazy on that person’s face. However, currently private space travel is now possible if you are a Richie rich and have a passion for space traveling.

You can happily hop on the space flights from Russia or Kazakhstan and be a part of the enthralling experience in the low gravity state at the orbital and sub-orbital levels.

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Adventure sports are fun but they should be played while taking extreme care of your health and well being.

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