7 Best Camping Sites Next to Water Bodies

Camping sites with water and hills are one of the best as they offer hiking and boating opportunities which makes the camping experience even better. Below we have listed some of the best camping sites by the water.

1. Patagonia Lake State Park Camping

7 Best Camping Sites Next to Water Bodies


Patagonia Lake State Park, located in Arizona, is spread over 250 acres of land and is filled with some of the best adventures for outdoors. In the park, you will get boating and camping facilities at the same time. Visit the place with your family and friends and have fun.


2. Quinta de Odelouca

Quinta de Odelouca

If you live in Portugal, you should not miss camping in this beautiful spot filled with greenery and surrounded by mountains. Camping here with family is best as the spot has various facilities like clean sanitation and a changing room. If you are someone who loves to swim you will also find a saltwater swimming pool for yourself.

3. Camping Milin Kerhe

Camping Milin Kerhe

Situated in France, this camping spot is one of the best camping spots. The area allows all camping facilities and if you are looking for hanging tents, they are pre-arranged by the managing authority. This place is ideal for Barbeque lovers. Light a campfire and have a picnic beside the water.

4. Flat top trails

Flat top trails

Though the area is remote it is very easy to reach. The area connects Yampa which is near Steamboat Springs with Meeker. One can camp anywhere in the area. The tapper lake is the highlight of the place as it is third largest natural lake situated in Colorado. The area also has a mini restaurant and bar. It is ideal to visit the place in September.

5. Outer Banks

Outer Banks

The outer bank is situated in North Carolina and is the perfect spot for kids. The coolest thing about this place is the widespread Atlantic coastline. The area offers organised camping facilities which is one of the best things to look for in any camping place.

6. Camping at Gulf Holiday Travel Park

Camping at Gulf Holiday Travel Park

This is one of the best beaches in North Florida. Here you can enjoy the sugar-white beaches with sparkling waters which is the speciality of emerald coast in Florida. The staff in the park is always ready to assist the visitors and make sure that they enjoy their stay there. The park has an easily accessible heated solar pool and an activity centre with different activities to choose from to make your stay even better. Here you will also get rented golf carts, pedal carts and much more.

7. Crystal Cove State Park

Crystal Cove State Park

Situated in California, Crystal Cove State Park is another best camping sites situated near a water body. The place is covered with sand and the Pacific ocean enhances the beauty of the place even more. The place has total 58 campsites. Here at the end of the park, you will also find a hiking as well as biking trail.

These are some of the best waterside camping sites situated all around the globe. They are easy to reach and people visiting these places will surely enjoy their stay.