Most haunted forests in the world to camp

Camping is a fun outdoor activity—it brings you close to people, nature, and adventure. We would often want to go high above in the mountains or deep into the forests, but seldom we think of becoming extremely venturesome and dwelling in those areas where apparitions seem to have their abode. If, however, you are one of those who is crazily adventurous and would not mind camping in some of the most haunted forests in the world, then we have some really good options to give you in this article.

Most haunted forests in the world to camp

Here are four most haunted forests to camp:

1. Screaming Forest, United Kingdom

Located just outside of one of the most haunted villages in Britain, Pluckley, the Dering Woods are known for their haunting presence, accentuated by repetitive noises of screams that seem to linger throughout the length and breadth of the forest. Legend says that the screams are that of Robert Du Bois, a highwayman, who was brought into the forests and killed by villagers with a sword, and ever since then, he has held a grudge against those who find him.

So if you hear screams, make sure you hole up inside your tent quickly!

2. Aokiganara Forest, Japan

Infamously known as the “Suicide Forest”, it borders Mt. Fuji and is presently the place with the second highest number of suicides in the world. Ever since the 1950s, more than 500 people have ended their lives, and the upsetting trend continues with no sign of stopping. Many people who have camped there or visited it have told about degrading bodies hanging from trees. Due to the enormous number of deaths which take place here, myths have emerged, and one of them is that of ghosts called yurei who moan for the lives of those which ended prematurely.

So, would you be willing to camp amid the dead?


3. Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

This haunted forest is located in an area which is more commonly known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania and is notoriously known for inexplicable supernatural activities. For a great time, locals have been terrified of venturing into the forest, but the forest was brought into thelimelight when a biologist called Alexandru Sift claimed to have recorded a UFO sighting in the year 1968.

People have who tried to brave the forest have reported vomiting, anxiety, migraines, rashes and whatnots. What adds to the eerie experience is the continuous sensation that they are being observed. Many locals claim that a number of people have disappeared in the forest.

4. Devil’s Tramping Ground, North Carolina

The forest is characterised by a circle of ash where nothing ever grows, and this has caused concoction of many myths about it. A local legend states that this circle is created by the Devil, who utilises this area to contemplate on ways to cause destruction to humanity. It is because of his schemes that no wildlife or vegetation grows within this circle. People say that those who try to tread into the forest do not return from it alive or sane.

Are you willing to dine with the Devil?