10 Camping Mattresses for Most Comfortable Sleep

You may love to camp in the wild and enjoy nature up close, but there are some comforts you can’t give up and one of them is the camping mattress. It may be fun using sleeping bags but definitely not very comfortable. A good sleeping mattress ensures a good night’s sleep and also that you wake up fresh and ready for another day of roughing it up. Take a look at some of the hot favorite camping mattresses.

1. Green Giant Camp Mattress 4″x30″x75″

This high density camping mattress is made of foam and has an application of knit fire barrier to give you more protection. The mattress has zippered covers that are quite tough with 3 ply 10oz vinyl along with mesh scrim for extra toughness and support. The mattresses are made of hospital grade green color vinyl.

camping mattress

The 4” thick mattress’ foam is covered with a Knit Endogaurd Fire barrier and then a vinyl cover has been applied to it.  If you are planning to buy this camping mattress you will need to order a minimum of 12 and you will also need to give a proper address for shipping as it is shipped by trucks. It is available for a promotional price of $101.99, so order yours on my.shop.ssgecom.com.

2. Neoair Mattress

A scientifically designed engineering marvel, the NeoAir Mattress gives you complete support and comfort when you sleep on it and it is also ultra light. The camping mattress boasts of being much warmer (almost three times) when compared to other non-insulated air mattresses, plus it is very stable too. It also occupies minimum space when stored, only that of a one liter bottle.

camping mattress

It is available in four sizes ranging from small to large so you can be sure to find the one right for you. The price ranges from $129.95 to $169.95. Log on to cascadedesigns.com to locate the nearest store where it is available.

3. Big Agnes Sleeping Giant Memory Foam Kit

Do you have to spend uncomfortable sleepless nights each time you go car camping? This practical kit will make it a memory of the long gone past. All you need to do is slip the memory foam and your thin sleeping pad into the included cover and voila you have a luxurious camping mattress that molds itself to your body shape.

camping mattresses

Extremely comfortable the memory foam relieves your pressure points giving you a comfortable night. The cover is made of durable rip resistant nylon. For storage, you can roll it and it will occupy minimum space. Available in three sizes regular, wide long and long. The price ranges from $64.95 to $79.95. Available at llbean.com.

4. Magnum Camper Mattresses 5″ X 36″ X 75″

A comfortably sized mattress the Magnum Camper camping mattress is made of high density foam that has the Knit Endoguard Fire Barrier and conforms to CFR 1633 New Federal Regulations.

camping mattresses

The zippered mattress cover is made by sandwiching a fiber mesh scrim between two rip resistant 3 ply vinyl layers, making it strong and supporting. Shown here is the most popular color blue. You will need to order a minimum of 12 camping mattresses and since they will be delivered by truck you will need to give them a proper address. For deals starting at $108.49, visit  shopping.com.

5. ProLite Plus – 6” Twin Quilted Bunk Bed Mattress, Fuchsia

Available in an unusual pomegranate color this bunk bed camping mattress from ProLite Plus keeps you warm and your pack stays light. The mattress is made from a unique foam-perforating technology that is awaiting patent. It makes the mattress 20% warmer compared to the previous mattresses by ProLite Plus.

camping mattress

It is warm enough to keep you comfortable during your skiing and mountaineering trips. The mattress has a unique tapered design and the foam is diagonally cut to keep the weight at the minimum allowing ease storage too. The bottom has textured grips and so does the top, keeping the camping mattress in place while you take your night’s rest.  Starting at 479.99 it is available in three sizes so check it out on cascadedesigns.com.

6. Texsport Dual-Foam 72-By 20-Inch Mattress

This Texsport Dual-Foam camping mattress is suitable for using under your sleeping bag. It also doubles as your exercise pad. It is comfortable at 72”x20” and it is durable. The pad is made of 1” convoluted polyurethane foam which has been laminated with ¼” polyethylene.

camping mattress

The mattress is thus weather resistant and flexible. It has elastic loops for easy storage and it is lightweight too. Buy yours today for $24.65 at amazon.com.

7. LEOU HWF-115 Camping Inflatable Air Mattress Cushion Sleeping Pad

An inflatable camping mattress – the ‘LEOU HWF – 115’ Camping Mattress and Cushion Sleeping pad is a convenient choice if you need that extra bed at home, or when you are out camping. It is easy to inflate as well as deflate.

camping mattresses

The sleeping pad has a very soft top to give you extra comfort. Light in weight, it can be carried around easily and rolls easily to store thanks to the integrated compression straps. Check out deals starting at $65.15 at shopping.notebookmagazine.com.

8. Thermarest Down Coupler Mattress

A great product from Therm-a-rest, the down Coupler Camping Mattress keeps you warm and cozy, even when you are away from home. You can use it by joining two 76 cms wide mattresses. It provides you with a luxurious sleeping surface and also adds warmth.

camping mattress

It snaps on to your comforters and blankets to keep you warm even in cold climates. It is available in three sizes so choose yours today from amazon.com, starting at $99.95 to $129.95.

9. THERM-A-REST Ventra Down Comforter Chili Pepper Reg

Sleeping bags can be quite claustrophobic, especially to people who are used to sleeping unrestricted. Choose Therm-a Rest Ventra down Comforter Chilli Pepper Reg to keep you warm and still not feel all bagged up. The 650 down blanket gives you the freedom to warmly snuggle in front of a fire or even in your car.

camping mattresses

It can also be easily snapped to your sleeping pad with the help of Therm-a Reat Fitted sheets or even with The Mattress Snap Kit. You can easily get either of them online. You now have the freedom of unrestricted sleep even when you are not home. Look for deals for this camping mattress starting at $199.95 on nextag.com.

10. Air Cloud Deluxe Raised Pillowtop Air Mattress – King

If you think you have seen a king bed before, you are wrong. The most perfect size, the coolest texture and soft velvet like cover make it the ideal choice out of the camping mattresses of the world.

camping mattress

You might be tempted to say this is expensive but it really isn’t considering that it operates on remote, it is very easy to inflate and deflate, and it is elegantly designed to accommodate the highest of your needs for comfort. Buy it for $259.99 at amazon.com.

With so many options to choose from you can easily choose a camping mattress that is convenient for you. From Spartan mattresses that promise comfort to luxurious queen sized mattresses that are as good as your own bed, the choices are many.

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