7 Best Winter Camping Gadgets

While camping, you’ll need to survive extreme conditions from time to time. Hence, you should select gears/gadgets keeping in mind that they help you to overcome the obstacles that you may face. These obstacles could be extreme weather or slippery land but whatever it may be, these gadgets will surely make your life easier.

7 Best Winter Camping Gadgets

1. UST Storm proof Matches

If there is a storm, then you’ll surely have a hard luck with starting a fire. And since in winter camping, in many places, it could be a snow storm, you’ll need something which will be able to start a fire even if there is a storm around. UST stormproof matches have proven to be reliable in this from time to time and hence they are one of the popular gadgets among the people who go for camping. It is also useful if there is a rain because even if it gets completely wet, unlike the normal matches, storm-proof matches are successful in starting a fire.

2. Heated Gloves

If you are going to go camping in winter or to a cold place, you should never forget to bring a heated glove with you. It has added benefits against other gloves as it has lithium batteries which keep the heater on and thus keeps the hands warm. People who go for camping in winters use these heated gloves a lot.

3. Ortovox Beast Shovel

A shovel is a must if you are going out for camping. Be it for setting up tents or for digging for any other reason, you will need a shovel. Without a good shovel, you won’t be able to set up your tent properly and this may create problems later on as with strong winds coming in, it may get uprooted. If in winter, the place is buried in snow, then with this shovel, you could dig and put up your tent easily.

4. Klean Kanteen Insulated Mug

While camping, you will need hot water or drinks from time to time. And it may happen that you may not get a proper place to start a fire to warm them. In those cases, KleanKanteen insulated mug comes in handy which keeps the water or drink warm for up to 8 hours.

5. Native Eyewear Hardtop Ultra XP Sunglasses

These sunglasses will prevent glare from wither sides and will also increase the vision in case there is a snowstorm. They block more infrared lights and hence in case of  a snowy terrain, these sunglasses are a must.

6. Black Diamond HiLight Tent

It does a great job in keeping the heat inside and hence, in case of winter camping, it can be useful to a great extent. Moreover, it does let moisture escape so that frost doesn’t develop inside the tent. Hence if you are going to camp in a snow terrain with freezing temperature, you certainly should consider this tent. Its construction is also strong enough so that it can survive strong snow storms.

7. Black Diamond Stance Belay Insulated Pants

Conserving body heat is especially important for winter camping and with these pants, you won’t need to worry about that. It will keep your body warm even at freezing temperatures.