The Must Have Camping Gears for Dogs

Camping out in the wild is fun and a very good way of getting close to nature. However, with pets it becomes rather difficult because every time you would either have to ask your neighbors to sit your pet as a favor or have to check your pet in a care home.

This could be easily resolved if you have a dog as your pet. You get to have your beloved most trusted friend right beside you to take care of, and your friend gets to know nature up close and personal.

Remember though that camping in itself is an activity that requires immense caution to begin with, and if you have your dog out with you, your responsibility increases ten folds. This will be the time that you need to perhaps shake a bit of your own load from that backpack to make room for your friend’s essentials.

After all, a camping trip to the wilderness with your dog would mean that both you and your dog have good and fun time and get back home safely. Here is a list of the most essential things that you must pack if you are thinking to take your dog out for that trip:

camping gears for dogs
Dog License ID Tags/Rabies Tag/Papers

Make sure that your dog wears an up-to-date and legible dog license and ID tags so that he could be identified or found if he happens to wander off in the wilderness. The ID tag must include your dog’s name, owner’s name, and home address and other contact details.

If you are going to a registered camp site do not forget to include the name of the campsite, contact details of the camp, and the duration of your stay. If you can possibly afford, then try and get your dog a microchip. It is a little chip the size of a rice grain planted under the skin of your dog’s shoulder.

It is a painless and easy procedure and accompanies with a hand held radio device emitting waves to read the microchip’s specific code. Also do not forget to carry all the paperwork related to your dog and your ownership. Carry all possible up-to-date records, registration and even medical records of your dog. That way you would be saved if you need to seek medical advice, or even register for a search in case of emergencies.

Dog Carrier/Crate/Harness

Use a dog carrier or a dog crate while you are travelling in a vehicle and not trekking. These come in very handy if you are travelling on a motorbike or a car. It prevents your dog from wreaking havoc inside the car and helps you concentrate on the road preventing any unprecedented accident. If you do not want to confine him to crates then use a harness to tie him and hold him to the seat. Do not put your dog in a trunk without tying him or securing him properly. It might harm him fatally.

Food/Water and Dishes

Do not forget to carry your dog food and water supply for your dog. However close you may be to a water source always try your best to not let your dog drink from them because the water may be contaminated with bacteria, chemicals, or parasites causing your dog to fall sick.

Remember that camping trips take a toll on not just us but on animals as well. Thus you would need to carry enough dog food with you to help keep him nourished. Also do not forget to carry your dog’s food bowl or dish. Never pour the food on the ground for your dog to eat, because it not only exposes him to germs and dust and dirt, but also exposes him to develop a habit of picking anything up from the ground and munching on it.

Leash and Collar

Make sure you carry an extra sturdy leash and collar with you so that you can keep your dog in check. Remember throughout your trip you would require to keep your dog under leash most of the time for his own safety.

Bed Plastic Tarp and Jacket

Remember to carry your dog’s bed and blanket with you. In fact try using it in the car even while you are driving to help him have a comfortable rest. In the site too you would not want your dog to be wet or cold if the weather starts misbehaving. Make sure that your dog is wearing a jacket and if possible his booties (dog shoes) too. This will prevent your dog from any external injuries or cold and wet weather attacks while hiking and camping.

Remember it is essential that you understand the safety and responsibility of having an animal out with you while you are camping. Keep yourself abreast and prepared for any unprecedented mishaps and most importantly try your best to prevent them from happening. Your decision for camping with your dog is to have fun and enjoy his company while being close to nature. That said, you must not forget about his safety or his well-being.