Top 6 Eco-Friendly Camping Equipment

Wanting to spend quality time outdoors in beautiful weather should be an eco-friendly activity, but sometimes our urge to stay safe takes over, and we impulsively buy equipment that might harm our mother nature. If you are new to camping then perfect! This could be your chance to start off your camping journey on the right foot.

Or, if you are a frequent camper then listen to that inner voice and make an effort to have this fun without sacrificing the quality of nature. Go ahead and buy these eco-friendly equipment while you enjoy the greenery

Top 6 Eco-Friendly Camping Equipment

1. Thermos

Water is essential, so you might be planning to carry them in bulk. In most cases, people go for plastic bottles because that sounds like an easy choice. But think of the consequences, and replace it with thermos. It has some pretty cool features and ensures the water won’t accidentally wet your bag. Some of them come with a foldable option that lets you save space when the water is over.

2. Air Mattress

Proper sleep is vital when it comes to camping as you need to maintain your energy for the adventure. Nothing wrong with wanting to rest, but why not let nature rest while you rest? This can be done by opting for an air mattress that is eco-friendly with PVC. Also, use sheets made of organic cotton to make things even better!

3. Vegan Hiking boots

Sometimes it could be hard to tell the difference between vegan boots and the frequently used leather ones, but closer inspection and good research would do miracles in revealing what it is. There is a misconception among people that leather boots are bound to bring best results making you. In reality, leather is found to be heavier making it harder to walk than in synthetic ones

4. Cooking utilities

You might have this urge to throw in plastic plates and plastic spoons into your bag to lighten its weight. You also might think it would be easier as it needs no washing whereas reusable ones are too much of work. But don’t do it! You are going to spend quality time with nature, and this is a wrong way. Using titanium cookware, wooden spoons and glass plates are some ways to make a change. The typical camping picture involves fire and grilling, But is that such a good idea? Nope!

5. Portable Solar panel/lamp

As night emerges, one might need a ray of sunshine, and this the eco-friendly portable solar panel will capture the day time’s sun and convert it into the light for the night-time. The efficiency of it depends completely upon the sunlight, so let’s just assume it ends up being a relatively sunny day.

6. Tents

Lastly, but most importantly you will need eco-friendly biodegradable tents. If you are running out of luck and can’t find one then go for an old used tent since reusing is one of the 3 r’s and it makes an effort to conserve our environment.