6 Types of Camping Tents you should Know About

A camping tent is an extremely important item for all those who love outdoor adventure. It does not matter whether you are setting up a camp for a hiking expedition or planning a family trip, a safe and secure tent is what you need to chill out and sleep.

A camping tent makes up for a really important investment, but since there are many kinds of camping tents available in the market, you might end up confused. There are tents which are super expensive and some are pretty inexpensive, but the decision depends upon a number of factors such as the place of camping.

6 types of camping tents you should know about

In this article, we have come up with six kinds of tents you should know. The information will help you in making a judicious decision in terms of your requirements such as budgetary constraints. So, without further ado, here are those six tents:

1. Dome Tent

Dome tents are amongst the most common camping tents. You must know of those flexible pole tents that bend into a half circle and allow a dome-shaped tent. Two flexible poles which cross each other in the middle are responsible for that shape. If there are three poles, you get a hexagonal-shaped tent.

In a dome-shaped tent, the sides are made more vertical so that the headroom is spacious and better. Smaller models have better stability, but as the size increases, there might be a few issues. But, overall, these tents make a great deal.

2. Quick-pitch or instant tents

As the name suggests, these tents enable quick touch-ups. These tents are latest additions to the family of tents and are remarkably popular. Well, their popularity hike was pretty ‘instant’.

In these tents, a long coiled frame is fitted permanently into the tent’s fabric. The frame is twisted to give a circular shape to the tent. Once you unleash the spring—which you can easily accomplish by throwing out the entire tent into the air—the sprung frame will transform the bag into a practical tent.

A few years back, these tents were only viable under good weather and topographical conditions, but with latest advancements, these tents can withstand the roughest terrain and provide the best comfort to the campers.

These tents are popular but are usually considered ancillary to other mainstream tents. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend this one if you love quick fixes and less wastage of time.

3. Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are rare and really expensive—in addition, they are also heavy. However, with all that taken into account, they are one of the handiest camping tents out there and if your budget allows, you should definitely get one.

Inflatable tents are automatic. With some tinkering, you allow the tent to erect itself in a matter of few minutes. Well, isn’t it a great deal?

4. The Khyam system

One of the most popular and longest established instant tents of all time is the Khyam system. These tents are manufactured by Khyam which has been offering a huge range of tents since a decade.

The Khyam system is premised on an elbow joint or sprung knuckle which allows you to hold a flexible pole straight. The skeleton of the tent is fitted permanently to the fabric, and this way setting up a tent is easy enough for anyone.

When you are working on the tent, the poles are straightened with the help of elbow joints enabling the tent to take its final shape. Oh, yeah, one really important thing: be a little careful or else you might end up getting your finger pinched.

5. Vis-à-vis

Vis-à-vis tents offer a great amalgamation of tunnels and domes. The designers of these tents have given more room to them, making them more comfortable than most of the tents out there.

It is said that the tents became popular in France where major parts of the tents offered an annex room, two sleeping compartments, and a headroom.  The two compartments stood facing each other, and hence, the name.

The biggest advantage of vis-à-vis tents is that they let you get whatever shape you want—a dome, tunnel or even square.

6. Pod Living

Pod Living tents are amongst the largest camping tents out there. In these tents, you can let your entire family camp as if you are living in your house. The tents offer a central living area marked by many sleeping areas (pods) carved out as spokes of a wheel.

If you are on a family trip, your children will have their own spaces and whenever the need is felt, everyone can congregate in the central area and have a good time together.

With all its advantages, there are a few issues as well such as the enormity of the tents, heavy body, difficulty in transportation, etc.