Know About Different Types of Tents for Camping

Tent is one of the most essential components of every camping trip. A tent is the only possible roof over the head of a camper. People are extremely picky when it comes to choosing the right tent for their trip. One of the factors that determine the best tent for you is the type of tent. Mentioned below are different types of tents for camping.

A-Frame Tents

A-frame tents

The basic structure of a traditional “A-frame” tent is held up by two poles at each end forming a triangular shape. A tarp stretching from one end to the other forms a triangular pocket which is used as a tent. The sides of the tent are sliding and hence may constrict the space for many.

Modified A-Frame Tents

modified A-frame tents

The modified A- frame tent differs from the traditional A- tent in only one aspect. In the modified tents the poles at each end are curved as against the straight poles in the traditional tent. The curved poles are said to improve the stability of the tent and also provide greater interior space. In some modified versions of the A-tent a hoop is inserted at the mid of the traditional tent.

Pyramid Tents

pyramid tents

A pyramid tent comprises of a pole situated at the centre of the tent and the tent material is spread out around that pole tightly to form a pyramid type pocket. The tent type does not make for much of head space and is constricting. They are also not considered to be that comfortable, especially when compared to alternatives.

Hoop Tents

hoop tents

Hoops in tents are the arched poles which form the basic structure of a tent. A typical hooped tent comprises of three of these arched poles with two at each end and one somewhere in the middle to maintain the structural integrity. The tents so made are quite spacious and stable. Some alternative hoop tents may have different heights of arched poles to form a descending or ascending tent.

Single Hoop Tents

Single hoop tents are a segment or type of the hoop tents. As the name suggests, single hoop tents stand only a single curved pole. Because only a single pole supports the tent, it is neither very spacious, nor is it as strong as the multiple hoop tent in the wind. These tents usually accommodate only one person and two at about a max.

Dome Tents

dome tents

Domes tents are the most popular type of tents when it comes to family camping trips and amongst the group Real campers as well. Under this type of a tent, 3 or more intersecting hoops are placed to form a dome like structure. The multiple hoops make the tent extremely stable and spacious with a lot of head space.

Wedge Tents

A simplistic concept with a basic similarity to the dome tent; under this tent type two hoops are placed to intersect each other. This forms a square like tent with a curved top. These are also very popular, but are less stable than the proper dome tents.