Light Up Your Camping Trip with a Reliable Lantern

There are several ways to light up your camping trip. Many people prefer to use a lantern over a flashlight to make sure they can see what they’re doing around their campsite. You’ll be able to find a variety of good lanterns as they come in several shapes, sizes, and of course prices.

Camping LanternA rechargeable camping lantern can be a good choice if you’ve got the power to recharge it.

These lanterns usually last up to about seven hours when fully charged. If the campsite has electricity then you’re in luck.

You may also be able to recharge the lantern by the power of your car.

These types of lanterns are usually best for using close to the campsite as they can be risky when taking them on hikes as they could run out of power.

You should also be able to find LED camping lanterns for sale. They give off quite a bit of light and are energy efficient. The batteries on these lanterns have quite a lot of life and that can often last up to about 70 hours.

A solar lantern is another choice. These devices are powered by the sun as they’re outfitted with a small solar panel which charges the unit’s battery when it soaks in the sunlight. When night time falls the battery will then charge the lantern.

These lanterns are useful if you don’t have access to any electricity at the campsite, but the downside is you never know how long the light’s going to last.

One of the most popular types of lantern is the propane version. The gas is used to light a flame in the device. This is effective as long as there’s enough fuel to keep it lit. However, you need to be careful with a propane lantern as they’re very flammable.

Buying a lantern for camping isn’t too difficult, but consider where and how you’re going to be using it. If you’re in the middle of the wilderness with no electricity, make sure you choose something that you can rely upon for many hours of light.