How to Maintain your Camp Tent

Going on camping trips is exciting and adventurous, not to mention fun and thrilling. Going on camping trips would necessitate you to carry a tent if you are not going in a caravan.

Tents are important piece of camping gear as the tent gives you protection against the outdoors and provides a place to rest. A tent is your home away from home and hence you should take good care of it and follow a proper maintenance routine. Here are a few tips to help you keep your tent clean and save it from becoming dilapidated.

maintain your camp tent

  • Keep your tent floor clean and dust free. The only way to do it is to keep a no shoes inside policy. Remove your hiking shoes and boots before entering the tent. Also remember that the hiking shoes and boots can damage the floor of the tent by causing a tear. Keeping your tent floor clean will also let you relax more when you are inside the tent.
  • When your tent is put up, you might find out some droppings on the outside of the tent causing stains and small tears. Be sure to address these at the earliest. Stains on the outside of the tent can be cleaned at once as dried up stains may harden to cause a tear later in your tent. If on the other hand you see a small tear or rip in your tent, quickly sew it up and mend it before it becomes a larger tear and damages the entire tent beyond repair.
  • Waterproofing your tent is of utmost importance. Most tents come with a waterproof layer on them. However with time this layer might be worn off. Therefore, it is a good thing to keep replenishing the waterproof layer from time to time to avoid any leakages. For this, most camping equipment shops will have a waterproofing spray that you can spray on to the roof and walls of the tent.
  • While storing your tent see to it that the tent is stored after airing it or else the damp and the mildew will give it a peculiar smell. Even when you are inside it the smell will be there. Also storing the tent in a proper place is important rather than dumping it in the garage or some such place. Store your tent in a closed cupboard to save it from mice or termites or even from dampness.

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