Pros and Cons of Renting Camping Equipment

All over the world, camping is considered one of the most preferred and popular ways to spend weekends, have a good family time and to head outdoors.  Camping can be enjoyed not only with family members but also with friends and makes for a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life.  But however short or long your camping trip is, you need to pack in a lot of stuff with you to make for a successful camping outing.

In such a scenario, the question which comes to mind is whether one should buy camping gear or rent it. Renting camping equipment is ideal for those who do not go for camping trips very often but at the same time, there can be a few disadvantages of the same as well. The following are the pros and cons of renting camping equipment for your reference.

pros and cons of renting camping equipmentPros of renting camping equipment:

  • The number 1 benefit of renting camping gear is that it helps to save a lot of cost which you would have otherwise spent on buying the expensive tent, sleeping bag, stove and other such things. You can pay for the gear according to the number of days you use it for and this saves a big amount from your pocket.
  • Another positive associated with renting camping gear is that you save a lot of your space by renting gear. When you buy equipments, you will need to make a lot of room in your house to place the various items but this is not the case in case of renting because you can rent and return the gear without bringing it in the house.
  • It is much better to rent camping gear in case you don’t go out for camping a lot or are new to it. This means that all those who are having their first few times of experience of camping can first try out renting and see if they would like to continue in the future as well.

Cons of renting camping equipment

  • One of the negatives associated with renting camping equipment is that you will have only a limited selection of camping gear to use and would have lesser choice of items to rent from an outdoor or camping store.
  • Another negative point associated with renting out of camping equipments is that you will be new to all the equipment every time you head out for camping and might not be knowing how exactly to use them.
  • You won’t have the flexibility to use the camping gear any way you want when you rent it rather than buying it because there are certain limitations put by the store or person who has rented the equipment to you.
  • In case of renting of camping gear you might not have the option of extending your trip because of the fixed number of days that you have rented the equipments for. This is another negative point which is associated with renting of camping items.