10 Innovative Camping Products

Are you planning a family camping vacation? Are you planning to take the best camping products along with you when vacationing in the outdoors?

Here are the 10 latest and most innovative camping products and equipment.

1. The Bikamper:

A revolutionary idea for mountain bikers who want to cut the stress of weekend missions in the wilds, Topeak’s Bikamper is a cyclist’s take on the caravan. Made of light waterproof nylon, the tent uses the bike frame and front wheel as tent pegs, which makes for lighter work.

With two ventilation windows that double as a skylight for staring at the stars at night and a waterproof fly, the design is both functional and aesthetic. A solo traveler’s dream, despite the question which no-one has answered. What happens to the tent when you want to go for a cycle?
[ via: Topeak ]

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The astronauts were onto something when they invented puffy suits to keep the extra-terrestrial elements at bay.While Selk’bag doesn’t come with oxygen and technological bleepers, it does provide all-in-one comfort and a warm solution to braving the elements when Nature calls at night.

Padded and shaped to the human form, this tent-cum-body bag can withstand negative temperatures and has layered inserts which act as a mattress on hard ground. Ties and adjustment belts allow for free movement and protection from the elements at the same time.

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3. Cocoon:

Modeled on a bird’s nest, this top-of-the-range cross between a tent and sleeping bag is an ingenious invention for those who love the outdoors but don’t like the bugs that crawl on the ground.

Hung from a tree or any other tall structure that crops up in the wild, the cocoon provides comfort and pleasure in the open air at the same time.
[ via: Dre Wapenaar ]

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4. Solar Powered Tent:

Designer camping for campers who like their creature comforts, this trendy camping tent comes with solar panel and integrated, interior LED lights. Charged by a solar panel placed on top of the tent, the tent offers 2-4 hours of light for every 4-6 hours of direct light entering through the PVC window at the top of the fly.

The solar panels can also be used to charge batteries independently, but there’s room for improvement in the tent material which is petroleum-based. [ via: Canadian Tire ]

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5. Mountain Hardware Stronghold Camping Tent:

Geared for intrepid high-adventure travelers, this igloo-shaped is made of tough stuff. Made for Arctic and Himalaya expeditions, the tent is a mountain luxury and comes with two doors,a roof vent for stargazing, and five windows for cross ventilation and outdoor views.

Available in a light and extra-layered version, the tent has enough room for 10 people, who might have to take turns carrying the 50-pound pack.
[ via: EverestGear ]

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6. Symbium3 Quechua backpack:

Not unlike the shell of a snail, this mega Symbium3 Quechua backpack with aluminium support is a camping gear that can carry everything but the kitchen sink and not put stress on your back.

Fitted with an AirCool ventilation system on the back, the backpack gives plenty of freedom to move and breathe. A height-adjustable back section and elastic components enhance flexibility and create heaps of space to carry water, food, camera, clothes and hiking gear. [ via: Decathlon ]

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7. Respite:

A cross between a hammock and a tent, this innovative camping product is the most laidback camping solution. A hammock by day, the Respite doubles up as a tent at night.

All you have to do is pull down four zippers and it metamorphises into a tent on the ground. Perfect stargazing if you get claustrophoic at night.
[ via: thisnext ]

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8. Pocket shower:

No need to worry about scouting campsites for hot showers with this nifty little invention. Powered by solar heat, all you are required to do is fill the black bag, which folds up into a pocket-sized bag, with upto10 litres of water, hang from a tree and turn the tap on. The black material absorbs sunlight andgives you more than enough water for a hot shower.
[ via: Sea To Summit ]

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9. Coleman Rendezvous Stove:

An upmarket take on the rustic gas burner, the Coleman Rendezvous two-burner stove is a boon for budding Floyds who like experimental cooking in the wilds.

The ultimate mod con for the city dweller who likes quality time in the outdoors, this sophisticated cooking device could have you throwing dinner parties in the campsite.  [ via: Coleman ]

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10. DirecTV’s SatGo:

There’s nothing quite like getting away from technological interference to really soothe the nerves, but softcore travelers tend to like a small doses of outside news, or soapies, very now and then. While cable TV is not an option once you’re out of suburbia, satellite TV is, and DirecTV’s SatGo is all the rage.

Not only does it fold into a neat little suitcase which packs into your car easily, but its surface is easy to clean and doubles up as a tray or working surface in emergency situations. [ via: directv ]

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  1. Some cool ideas mentioned, but they mostly seem like concept products. Is that silly Cocoon thing actually on the market? And the Bikamper seemed like a cool idea– until you mention that there’s no easy way to store it when you want to start biking.

    Thanks for the fun read!

  2. I want the Selk’Bag, that looks so comfy… I wonder what it’d be like to replace the current padding in it with memory foam…. mmmm…..

  3. Could have used that shower when we were in Iraq and had to make do during the war in 2003! It would have heated up in no time!

  4. Cool list! But as someone who has actually used one of those solar showers, (1) the temperature they reach can’t really be called “hot” (unless you’re in the desert), and (2) the waterflow and blissful shower-taker pictured in that ad are WILDLY exaggerated. In reality it’s like trying to shower under a dripping tap 😀

  5. I used to have a Topeak Bikamper and it was awful. It was very poorly constructed out of low quality materials, and it was very annoying and difficult to set up. Not a fun end to an all day bike ride. Do not buy it!

  6. i learn alot of things from this blog. i never know that it is possible to make solar tent.i thing its very useable in mountain area. and also pocket shower is interesting for me. thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice innovations. Camping products are improving day by day. The listings of products above are just some things that all campers would want in an expedition. How wonderful if everybody could own and carry such bulk every camping trip. What a luxurious trip it could be. As if you were never far away from home.

  8. Great products you had list here, I wish these products will be useful for travelers, thanks for you great work


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