Mountain Biking VS Road Biking

Mountain Biking as well as Road Biking is popular adventure and thrilling activity. While some say that mountain biking is the best ever experience, some say that there is no thrill like road biking . Some enjoy doing both while some enjoy one of these.

Mountain biking involves biking through the ‘not so good’ roads of the hills with difficult terrains whereas road biking is riding on the normal roads, which can otherwise be called as bike racing too! Well, the choice is yours, but both of these activities are indeed fun and refreshing for the mind. Below is some information about both of these activities:

mountain biking VS road biking

Mountain Biking

  • Mountain Biking is overall good for health because you are not surrounded by pollution and traffic. This helps you relax your mind and body in the pleasant weather and fresh air.
  • Keep in mind to service and maintain your mountain bike regularly.
  • When you are on a mountain biking trail, you often get to go to remote, rural and peaceful secluded places where you get to explore new things, get to meet new people and experience peace in the lap of mother nature. You can have adventure as well as rejuvenation of mind, body and soul at the same time.
  • Mountain biking is not really a rough and tough adventure. It is about getting together with your friends and enjoying the atmosphere. It does not really get competitive and stays a group activity.
  • The terrain for mountain biking is difficult compared to road biking as there is no guarantee of finding smooth or paved roads. Hence, checking your bike before heading for the ride is very important.
  • Carry enough supplies of fuel and other essential tools in case of breakdown of the bike.
  • There are a lot of mountain rides like All-Mountain, Freeride, Enduro, Lift-Assisted and Cross-Country from which you can choose the one which suits you the best.

Road Biking

  • Riding the bike on the road is more about competitions and racing than riding together.
  • The terrain obtained on roads is smooth as there are paved and tar roads to race on and hence, less damages are caused to the bike.
  • Biking on the road improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system of the body because the rider keeps spinning at high cadence for a very long time.
  • Biking on road is very convenient as you will get access to all the needs like fuel, help in case of mechanical failure and medical assistance in case of assistance.
  • Road biking can be converted into an adventurous one by trying out riding on muddy or rocky terrains by going a little off road.
  • Road biking requires less equipped bikes and a normal 200cc to 300cc motorbike is enough to carry out the ride. It does not require special bike like the ones required for mountain biking.
  • There are special road biking races and tournaments conducted in which you can participate if you have ample amount of experience.