Things to Remember in Long Distance Bike Rides

Long road trips on bike are much more thrilling and exciting than other means of travel, especially for bike enthusiasts. In order to go on a long trip on your bike to accomplish your long cherished dream, you need to check a number of things before start.

Long distance rides in bike call for multiple things to check and verify. In case if you are interested in certifying your long ride with the concerned authority or association, you need to do the documentation for the same in advance. Given below are some major steps to follow before starting your biking trip:

things to remember in long distance bike rides

Plan Route in Advance

While planning your trip, opt for main roads and highways that let you ride in maximum speed. You can either chart out a loop route which starts and ends at the same point of a one way root. It is better to avoid routes with many stops and traffic signals in between. It is ideal to opt for the latest trip planning software that can estimate the distances and also include gas station information. It is best to avoid crowded cities and forest areas at night time.

Make your Bike Ready

It is essential to prepare your motorcycle for the long trip, the tires need to be inflated properly and should have enough grip to complete the long ride. It is best to go for an upright position while riding as this is the most comfortable posture for long duration. You need to verify tires, brake, oil and lights of the bike before starting.

Pack all Necessary Equipment

Along with the usual safety kit including helmet and boots, you also need to carry weather fending apparels. A rain suit and layered clothing is must have during such a ride, and earplugs are absolutely necessary to protect you from wind.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

While on a road trip on a bike, you tend to fell tired soon, so it is essential to keep yourself energised with appropriate food. It is significant to stay hydrated during the journey by keeping a bottle handy to drink water, throughout the trip. You can also carry munchies to snack in between like sandwiches or protein bars.

Estimate Fuel Range of the Bike

It is important to gauge the fuel range of your bike in advance, so that you can time your fuel filling intervals in long trip. This can help you save a good amount of time and the trouble of getting out of fuel in the middle of the road.

Travel in the Day

It is always ideal to hit the road in the daylight, and make the maximum journey done during daytime. It is also essential to get some sleep in the night as well to retain energy for the rest of the trip. There are more chances of slipping off or lose balance when you are sleepy while riding.

It is advisable to do a detailed planning of your trip including the route to be covered and the condition of your bike. Once carefully planned and prepared you can set out to a fun filled trip on the road.