Hardtail vs. Full Suspension: Which Bike to Choose?

If you are someone who is planning to buy a new bike or a mountain bike anytime soon, then you must make some important decisions since there are many factors to consider. The one point where you might come and get confused is whether to choose a Hardtail bike or a full suspension one.

While both have their positives and their negatives, the final choice may also depend upon your personal use, preference and budget. The following is a detailed comparison between the two for your reference.

hardtail vs. full suspension

Hardtail Bikes

Mechanically Simpler

One of the benefits of Hardtail bikes are that they are very simple in terms of the mechanics. They do not have any pivots, any rear shock and no other complications and they don’t even wear down as easily.


Another benefit of Hardtail bikes is that they are much cheaper in comparison to full suspension bikes and you don’t even have to pay extra for rear shock and other components.


It is very important for a mountain bike or motorcycle not to be very heavy. Hardtail bikes also offer the advantage of being lighter than full suspension ones and hence simpler to ride. Moreover, when one has to ride up the hill, a lighter bike proves more useful.

Fun Factor

Hardtail bikes are also much more fun to ride than full suspension ones. Due to this reason, these bikes manage to win many fans.

Full Suspension Bikes


With rear suspension, full suspension bikes don’t let your body get pounded as hard by the trail and are thus much more comfortable to ride. These bikes don’t make you feel tired or worn out at the end of the ride, unlike Hardtail bikes.

Better Handling

Another major quality of full suspension bikes is that they offer a much better handling than Hardtail ones. What the suspension does is that it helps the wheel track the ground better and stay attached to it. Thus they are better for climbing and cornering. Moreover, these bikes absorb the bumps on the road better and chances of crashing get reduced due to better usage and control.


If you are looking for a faster bike out of the two options, then full suspension will be a better choice for you. The combination of the bump absorbing facility along with extra traction makes these bikes much faster. Moreover, since they offer better control, you can ride them faster without worrying about shocks and bumps.

If you are someone who is looking for a good quality mountain bike and can afford to spend good amount, then a full suspension bike is  a much better option than a Hardtail one. But if you are searching for a budget-friendly mountain bike, then you can go for a Hardtail bike.  If you are going to ride in tough terrains and tricky hills, then it is better to put your money on a full suspension and enjoy the benefit of stability and reliability.