Top 10 Camping Gadgets You Must Have

In our days it isn’t enough to have a tent to go camping. There are a lot of other things that we have to be thinking about, and it seems like that one of the most important ones are the camping gadgets. Which of them to bring?

1. Jobby Gorillatorch

Camping GadgetsIt’s not uncommon to see flashlights with LEDs and even such flashlights that come with a tripod, so why is this product so special? The difference is that this one comes with knobby and flexible legs that can grip different things, like branches, tent poles and even the head of people.

Since the legs are magnetic and they are coated by rubber, they offer you even more possibilities to mount the torch. The lamp can be turned up to 65 lumens and it can provide 20-80 hours of light using 3 AA batteries.

2. Brunton Flip-n-Drip portable coffee maker

Camping Gadgets

In case you go on a camping trip that doesn’t mean that you have to give up all the conveniences that you have at home, such as good coffee. In order to use this kind of camping gadgets all you have to do is to boil the water in the carafe, attach the filter and then flip the whole thing over.

You will have your coffee in 10 minutes and the amount that you can make at once is enough for about two cups. You can also use it for making tea, hot boozey drinks or freeze-dried foods.


Camping Gadgets

What does this little thing do? Well, it does almost everything. It offers you power through the use of solar panel, DC adapter or hand crank. It can also be used as a flashlight having a LED and in the same time it is also a portable radio, digitally tuning the stations such as National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Also it offers you entertainment because it can play music from an external source through audio line in. Just remember that it is weather resistant, but it isn’t water resistant also.

4. JakPak all-in-one jacket, tent and sleeping bag

Camping Gadgets

This is not something that should substitute the good old traditional tent, but it is good for those who are preparing for canoe trips and long hikes. The ‘thing’ is made of ripstop nylon polyester (coated with urethane).

You can also use it as a sleeping bag or a swag-style tent. Since you are buying three items in one, it is just natural that you will have to pay a higher price.

5. Victorinox Swiss Army Soldier Knife

Camping GadgetsThis is something that no camper can live without, being one of the essential camping gadgets of a camping trip. There are many different army knives that you can find in the market, but the special thing about this one is that it has been specially designed for Swiss soldiers since 1961.

The tools that it comes with include a serrated blade, can opener, wire stripper, tweezers, wood saw, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener, reamer, and toothpick. Even though you may not use it in the woods, you might still want it as a collector’s item.

6. CGear Multimat

Camping GadgetsIn case you have ever slept in a tent you may know how annoying it is to have trapped pine needles or sand inside. The special thing about this mat is that it is able to trap the bothering items under it, making it impossible for them to come back up.

Also, you have the possibility to use it as a sunshade or windbreak and the best thing about it is that it will reseal in case a spark burns a hole through it. Now isn’t this something you would like to have?


Camping Gadgets

What is the thing that always happens if you are around a tent in the dark? Most probably you will trip in the lines. These little lights can be attached to the lines to alert the campers about their presence.

The intensity of the light is automatically set according to the light outdoors and they shut down when they are in storage units. You could find it difficult to buy such lights online, but you can be sure that you will find something similar that works out just fine.

8. Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink

Camping Gadgets

The majority of campers would like to bring as few camping gadgets as possible, but no matter where you go, you will need a large pot to wash the dishes and also yourself. This product is a collapsible waterproof product that can hold up to 20 liters of soapy water.

Once you are done, all you have to do is to fold it back and you can carry it in your back pocket. There are also different sizes to choose from in case you don’t need the largest one.

9. Biolite Stove

Camping Gadgets

This is a truly interesting product, because you have to feed it with burning wood, but the heat energy is taken from the fire and it is turned into electricity through using a thermoelectric generator. This electricity powers a fan that drives oxygen into the stove.

This way it uses 50% less wood than the regular stoves and it also created 95% less smoke. This is one of the newest products on the market that you might find difficult to purchase.

10. Powdered Beer

Camping Gadgets

No camping is a real camping without beer. Once the tent is pegged, the fire is on, you have eaten the food that you brought, it is time to relax under the stars with some beer.

This kind of beer isn’t really beer, but a beer flavored beverage that is non-alcoholic so you can be sure that you won’t have any problems in the morning. The same company also produces powdered wine, in case you prefer that kind of beverage.

So which one of these camping gadgets can’t you live without?