A LED Flashlight For Your Camping Adventure

We have heard many stories about lost campers in the darkness or even about those who forgot to take a flashlight.

That of course could ruin any outdoor experience and there is one company, which knows how to keep you literately enlightened.

The Icon is a company that provides camping gadgets and accessories, known for their good quality. Their latest offer is the solid Icon Modus 1 Led Flashlight.

Icon Modus 1 Led FlashlightThis modern and smart flashlight is designed with super new technology that offers a lot of options. Some of them for first time include more lifetime and light source up to 70 hours. Modus 1 is made with an optimized LED power regulation and comes with special lens.

Modus 1 Led FlashlightThe Total Internal Reflection lens allows you an innovation that produces well focused beam. The body of this LED flashlight is waterproof and possesses high durability. Modus 1 is equipped with 50 lumens and it fits well your hand.