Lightweight Tent Trailers – What Are They All About

Recreational trailers are big and expensive, and normally need bigger automobiles to tow. On the other hand lightweight trailers are smaller, less expensive and easier to handle.

tent trailers

They are easily towed with the help of mid segment automobiles. Some of the more compact ones can be easily towed by smaller cars and even by motorcycles. These are also known as tent trailers as they are collapsible. Lightweight tent trailers are basically collapsible tents built on trailer base. The tent stays in collapsed condition and can be raised when needed.

Tent trailers usually have amenities similar to the normal RVs. They usually have, heater, fresh water tank, sink, waste water tank and others. Some of them are equipped with showers and toilets too. These tent trailers can accommodate up to 6 people depending on their size.

There are many different types of tent trailers available, depending on the users’ need. These can be designed to suit off road camping, wilderness camping and mostly for use in developed campsites for family camping.

Some of the oldest tent trailers include the Fold a Wall trailer; others in the series include Pony, Banshee, Mustang, Elite and Yearling. The modern tent trailers include aluminum lightweight trailers built completely out of aluminum. The Quicksilver line from Livin’ Lite is a range of aluminum tent trailers. They are light enough to be transported by small cars.

Extremely lightweight tent trailers that can be towed by motorcycles weigh less than 250 pounds. Manufactured by Lees-ure Lite these can be set up in couple of minutes and have clear six feet headroom with screened doors and windows.

Off road trailers are generally constructed for convenient and easy travel. These are small and yet have a surprisingly lot of space. When erected they are not bigger than 10 feet in length. Some popular models include Chaser and Horizon that can hold a lot of material and also have roof racks and awnings for extra storage like kayaks and bicycles.

Tantrax too has a couple of models that can also be customized to suit the buyer’s needs. These off road tent trailers are stylish and yet very functional. Usually built to order, they can also be painted to match your automobile. Folding trailers from Fleetwood measure about 11 feet in length and have shower, cargo deck and full galley.

When looking for new tent trailers you can search for them online or even look through classified ads for used tents.