Ways in which Tent Camping is Better than RV Camping

Camping is an outdoor activity which people engage in for recreational purposes and to take a break from their busy lives. It is a good way to get close to the nature and reboot one’s natural self. Since it is an outdoor activity which takes place amidst greenery, campers have to carry their own roof/ accommodation with them. The said accommodation can be a tent or an RV (i.e. a recreational vehicle).

The debate about which one of these modes is better can be settled by looking at the advantages of tent camping over RV camping, listed below. Have a look to figure out the best option for you:

ways in which tent camping is better than RV camping


The first on the list of advantages of camping in a tent is the experience. Many regular campers point out that while the tents protect you from the outdoors and the sometimes extreme weather, they still give that outdoorsy feel. Sleeping and living the RV does not have the traditional camping feel, hence a negative. 

The Cost

Another advantage of going for the traditional tent accommodation over the RV is the cost. The pop-up tents are very affordable and the overall cost when compared to standard RVs is quite nominal. Depending upon the amount of money you are willing to spend, you will most probably get many pop-up options to select from.


Tents or even pop-trailer can be towed with a normal car. Most tents can be folded and packed within the other camping gear with ease. But it is not so easy to port and move around with a full sized RV. Also the extra gas you spend on moving the tent/ pop-up will be considerably lower than that consumed in case of an RV.

Ease of Access to Campsites

Full sized or even standard RVs occupy a lot of space. As a result not all campsites will be accessible through an RV and even if they are, there may not be enough proper land to park the RV in a campsite. As against this, tents can be carried anywhere and can be set up in al campsites. Also the lots/ camp places which are made especially for RVs are again more like parking lots or resort type camping places than traditional camping sites.

Ease of Storage

Again, the RV takes considerable amount of space and there is no compact way to store these RVs. You have to own or rent a proper parking lot space to store the RV when not being used for camping. But with tents, all you have to do is dismantle them and store them in the attic or the garage.


Just like storing tents is very easy, not much goes into maintaining them as well. All you have to do is clean the tent and pop it up in the campsite and then clean it again before packing. But maintaining an RV while on the camp and off it is not only time consuming but also takes up many resources.