Tips for Tent Camping in Winds

Though people are generally advised to not go camping in windy weathers, there are some individuals/ families who prefer it that way. The general caution against camping in wind is issued because of the uncertain nature of the wilds in winds. But for all those who wish to camp in the wind, below is a segment to help you prepare better for such a trip.

tips for tent camping in windsClothing

Preparing and carrying the right kind of clothes when going out camping in windy weather is important. When packing clothes keep in mind the following:

  • Carry warm clothes if expecting mildly to highly cold atmosphere.
  • Dress in layers so that you can adjust according to the changing weather.
  • Remember to pack in appropriate accessories like glares, head covers, hats, gaiters etc. in case stormy wind is expected.

Shelter/ Tent

Getting the tent and the shelter right in case of camping in windy weather is also very critical to manage comfort levels and make the trip a success. Keep in mind the following when selecting the kind of shelter or the kind of tent to take with you on such a trip:

  • Normally the boxy and big tent types are apt for moderately windy weathers. But in case of intense winds opt for a stronger built tent.
  • When there is a possibility for winds it is always better to select a camp site which is sheltered so as to minimize the possibility of trouble.
  • It is important to adjust the kind of tent you are carrying for the tent that works in moderate wind may not be as appropriate in severe winds.
  • In case of excessively windy weather it is always the smart choice to opt out of camping completely and wait for a more suitable weather.


While preparing for the camping trip make sure to have all the needed supplies. Here is a list of the possible things you may need:

  • A first-aid kit is of great importance, not only when camping out in the wind but whenever headed for any outdoor activities. But in case of windy weather, there may be possibility of debris and turbulence, carrying proper first- aid is important.
  • If someone has allergies make sure to carry the medications, for wind and mud may act as allergens.
  • Building a fire in wind and sustaining may be difficult. It is thus a good idea to carry an alternative means to build fire for essentials like cooking if possible.

General Tips

There are many other general things that one must keep in mind to make the camping trip as comfortable as possible:

  • It is always better to go camping in groups in case of uncertain weather. So do not go alone, instead plan with a friend or family.
  • Do not lay out the sleeping bags in the open until it is actually time to sleep. If you leave them open there is a possibility of mud and moisture getting caught in it.
  • Carry enough batteries and light sources, for the bonfire may not serve as the most ideal and reliable source of light in winds.