5 Great Camping Places to Party On

Setting up a camp is just like setting up a new base altogether when you first move to a different place. You need to ensure your convenience while putting together all the best and next best options you have. On the other hand, camping is another experience altogether. But wait up, as one must know all the possible options for places to set straight your camping experience. Camp, Bonfire, Friends, Stargazing – a life different from the usual drag of the city. Let us get to know these top 5 places to camp and to party, around the globe:

1. Boya Lake Provincial Park – California:

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Step up to see the beautiful view of the Boya Lake in California. With plenty of greenery around, this park is definitely a potential spot for setting up a camp. During the daytime, make sure to swim, trek and explore its whereabouts while during the nighttime, make sure to lay back and stargaze for hours. Boya Lake is a beautiful destination and also convenient for camping with friends. Make sure to carry food.

2. Big Sur – California:

Big Sur – California

The coast lying between Carmel and San Simeon is a world famous spot for camping. Huge in terms of land area, the views, seaside cliffs, and breezy beaches around makes this place even more interesting to camp at. Not to forget the view of giant mountains around Big Sur due to which it gets a little cold here during the night time. Don’t forget to carry a tiny blanket to sulk in and of course, a bonfire set up would be great.

3. Miyajima, Japan:

Miyajima, Japan

A calm and soulful place to visit and of course to set up camps is Miyajima in Japan. If you are wondering how to get there then you must know that it is only a boat ride away from Hiroshima city in Japan. Not only that, but you can also rent some tiny cabins to stay at if you don’t have camping equipment with you. The island is tightly bound to heritage and therefore, you will get to find various beautiful temples around here.

4. Sahara Desert, Morocco:

Sahara Desert, Morocco

The Sahara Desert in Morocco hosts quite an adventurous camping. Since the place is hot, dry, and water-less, (almost), setting up a camp here is a bit difficult. However, to talk about the landscape view at this place, it is mesmerizing. Moreover, one can enjoy a camel-back ride and gaze at huge sand dunes all day long. Make sure you carry loads of water storage with you.

5. Denali National Park, Alaska:

Denali National Park, Alaska

Hike all day; stargaze the entire night – that’s how camping at Denali National Park in Alaska is described in a nutshell. The place is zoomed-in between huge mountains and thus gives a beautiful view to capture. Lots of open land with significant wildlife around will get you fixed with beautiful nature for a while. The weather is nice throughout the year and an unforgettable view of the mountains is above all, honestly.