The Best Destinations for a Desert Hike!

Desert hiking is an adventure activity which is getting more and more popular these days. This adventure activity involves hiking to the top of the desert mountains and it is a thrilling task as it involves hiking under the sunny skies in a temperature of 58 to 78 degrees. Hence, it is indeed a physically hectic activity too. Below given are some of the best desert hiking destinations which you can visit:

Mecca Hills

mecca hills

The Sloth Canyon Walkabout on Mecca hills is a six mile long hike which takes an average time of about 3 hours to get completed. The elevation achieved is around 100 feet and the best part of this hike is that its difficulty level is easy and hence, even a beginner can undertake this hike easily. The best season to plan this hike is from October to April. The scenic beauty offered on this hike is very mesmerizing as you will get to see the low mountains which resemble a lunar landscape under the moonlight and hence, it is a great idea to plan a night hike too.

Joshua Tree National Park

joshua tree national park

This hike at the Cottonwood Spring is 8 miles long and the total time which you will require to complete it would be around four hours. The difficulty of this desert hike is moderate and hence, amateur hikers who have little experience would love this trip. The best time to hike up to these beautiful low cut mountains is from September to May. Make sure to carry a lot of water with you as temperature may tend to raise a lot during the afternoons.

Whitewater Preserve Canyon

whitewater preserve canyon

This hike is 4 miles long and it would take around 2 hours to complete this hike as the difficulty level is easy. The elevation gained after this hike to achieve the beautiful view of the Canyon stretches is 300 to 400 feet. The best time to conduct this hike is from October to May. It is located between the Coachella Valley Desert and San Bernardino mountains and gives the hiker the pleasure of being surrounded by wild flowers and green grass, distinguishing it from any other desert.

Palm Springs Indian Canyons

palm springs indian canyons

This desert hike through the lush river bottom to the desert plateaus is 6 miles long and it takes 3 hours to complete it. An elevation of 880 feet can be achieved once the hike is completed. The difficulty level for it is moderate and the best time to do this hike is from October to May.

San Jacinto Mountains

san jacinto mountains

This 10 mile hike which gives the hikers an amazing mountain experience takes 6 hours to get completed.  An elevation of 2000 feet can be achieved with this hike and the difficulty for it is Strenuous. Though it is difficult, the feeling which is achieved when you reach the top is unexplainable as the view you would get to see is beyond mesmerizing.