Hiking tips for Humid Climate

A lot of people have hiking as their hobbies. However not everyone can go out hiking during the perfect time of the year, most people have to arrange their trips according to their schedule, which means there could be a trip during hot and humid months. It is entirely possible for people to manage a hiking trip in the humid climate provided they take some precautions and make a proper plan. Here are some pieces of advice to make the hiking trip successful in the hot and humid weather.

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Tips for Hiking in Humid Climate

In order to successfully complete the hike, one needs to concentrate upon some basic points of hiking. This is how you should plan the trip.

  • The first thing you should do, when you are planning a hiking trip to the mountains in humid climate, is to check out the climate in those areas. You will see in most cases, they are extremely hot, and during the monsoon there is always the risk of some showers. So, it is better to check the weather before start.
  • It is very important that you pick the right trail for a hiking trip in the humid months of the year. You need to concentrate on three things, when you are selecting the trail. These are the amount of shade, the nature of elevation and the availability of water nearby.
  • When you are going for a hiking trip, you should start really early to avoid the extremely hot situations, as much as you can. The target for you to advance as much as possible by 11 A.M., because during 11 A.M to 3. P.M the heat will become almost unbearable. This brings us to the next tip, that you should wait out the heat that is generated during the mid day.
  • The weight of the backpack is an important consideration for the hiker. Do not carry too much weight in your bag, or else you will tire out quite easily. Think sensibly and decide which are the essential items for the hike, and some are mere luxurious items.
  • Try to wear dresses which cover your body as much as possible. Select dresses with loose fitting long sleeves to protect yourself from exposure of the sun. Use a sunglass which blocks UV ray, and wear a hat if possible.
  • Generally your body loses 1 liter of water by the hours, when you are hiking. So in order to avoid dehydration, make sure your body has enough fluid supply. Keep some water hand, and sip it from time to time. Other than the water, you will also need to electrolytes to keep your body fit. You can also carry some electrolyte drinks in your backpack and use them as and when required.
  • Lastly, remember to rest your body properly. Thus take breaks and sit down under a shade while hiking.

These are the most important tips which you need to follow meticulously, if you are planning to go on a hike during the humid period, you can do that.