7 Types of Camping Showers

When you are going out for a fun trip of camping which includes hunting, hiking, trekking and the likes, it is essential to carry all the accessories that help you to maintain your hygiene and well-being. Along with your essential clothing, footwear and bedding, it is essential to carry the appropriate camping shower equipment with you.

It is particularly important when you are camping in places where the availability of running water is limited. Given below are the various types of Camping showers that you can take along:

types of camping showers

Camp Chef Triton Outdoor Shower

The Camp Chef Triton Outdoor Shower can provide you with quick hot water access from any outdoor outlet located at any place. This water heater is a space saving device that uses a typical propane tank which can keep hot water for over 28 hours, along with garden hose adapter, gas line and regulator. It works perfectly in any location with adjustable water heat and modified water flow.

Zodi Hotman Extreme S/C Shower

This camping shower is inclusive of a heavy duty burner and a tank which can be filled with water after attaching a 16 ounce propane bottle to the burner. The burner needs to be lighted to heat the water in the tank after filling it, and the hand pump gives pressure to the tank and there is no need to lift it to get good water flow.

Outdoor Sun Shower

This wonderful device uses the power of the sun in which you just have to fill water in the rupture and crack-resistant four-ply bag and keep it in the sun. This bag can hold up to four gallons of water and an efficient temperature tracker informs you about the water temperature as well. The outdoor sun showers are easy to use and carry to places and the water heats up quickly.

Zodi Battery Powered Shower

This multipurpose battery operated device provides on-demand water and you can bathe, no matter where you are located. This portable device provides good water-flow for showering, cleaning the camp are or washing utensils. It uses four D batteries and it works with any water storage container.

Zodi Hot Camp Shower

This portable showering device offers hot water of 100 degrees in less than a minute, by placing the powerful pump in any water source. It uses four D batteries and a 16 ounce propane bottle, which can produce 25 hot, five minute showers. It includes a flexible shower hose and piezo ignitor which initiates heat swiftly.

Zodi Zip Shower

This device with a self-contained shower is perfect for camping purpose anywhere and offers hot water any time. This device is inclusive of propane cylinder base with stands, a shower hose with showerhead and an appropriate bag for carrying it. You need to attach the batteries, immerse the pump in a water source and switch on the ignition button to enjoy a hot shower.

Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

It is a fabulous, easily packable and lightweight showering device for your outdoor expeditions. The black nylon tank in this device can contain 2.6 gallon water and you can hang the unit with two strong Delrin D rings. It provides you an approximate 7 minute hot shower at any location.