Van Camping – Cheaper Alternative to RV

Van camping is not quite like an RV, but it is better than tent camping. It is cheap when compared to RV camping.

van camping

The only thing you need for comfortable van camping is an organized system to make the space inside the van livable. Bring only the things that can be used during the trip. Use plastic storage tubs to keep the things in it and to keep the space open.

Plastic tubs are helpful to stack the things nicely and they can also be kept on the roof during nights for more livable space. They are also rainproof.

Don’t leave your van running while sleeping because carbon monoxide poisoning is very harmful. Also, cooking the meal heats up your van, so don’t leave the stove burned while sleeping.

Advantages of van camping:

  • Van camping is less expensive than RV camping. It costs very less if you buy an already used one.
  • Vans are very comfortable when compared to tents. For backpacking, you can drive the van wherever you go.
  • You can park the van anywhere. The flexibility with van camping makes it to be considered by most campers.
  • You can drive anywhere. You can also go down the desert trails where it is difficult for an RV to go.