Camps For Kids, What To Look For

campingSummer camps can be a great experience for a child in terms of education, the independence and confidence it will teach him or her and the ability to manage by oneself.

There are several things you should be considering when picking a camp for your child:

What do you hope to achieve from the camp?

Do you wish for your child to become more independent, learn new skills, become more self reliant and confident? Perhaps make new friends? Or do you want the child to learn more about nature? Perhaps you just want your child to have a good time and be happy?

Then you have to ask yourself, what are the economic, physical, social limitations that the situation or that your child has?  Introspect and see what your child is capable of dealing with an emotional and physical level.

The camp should not be too difficult or demanding for your child, otherwise there will be a negative impact of the experience on your child. If a child is very young a long separation from parents would not be advisable.

For some children too much structuring or very strict child discipline may not be the best thing. Also some camps may have demanding physical activities that your child may not be ready for or be able to participate in.

What does your child want?

What is it that your child enjoys doing? What would he or she enjoy learning? And here you have to have a realistic expectation of what your child can do and can hope to learn to accomplish.

Also be realistic about what you think your child enjoys doing and try not to project your own aspirations and preferences onto him or her.

What are the features of the camp itself?

Is the camp co-ed, all boys, all girls, brother and sister etc? Consider this with specific reference to the particular age your child or children are. What is the size of the camp? A too large camp could feel impersonal and a child may feel lost and alone. So consider that angle.

What is the location of the camp? Is it close to home or far from it? Closeness may be a psychological comfort that a child draws from it. What are the programs and camping activities? They should be age appropriate and suitable.

Keep all this in mind for your child to have a camping experience he or she will enjoy and want to repeat.