Must Have Camping Essentials for Summers

Summer months can be a great time to go out for camping. The sun is shining bright, the nature as its most beautiful self and there is plenty of light throughout the day to go hiking.

Summer months also open up to many more camping sites than winters or other seasons and are thus a superb time to take your backpack and head camping. But there are some essential camping gear which you must not forget to take with you when going camping during summers. If you wish to know about such items, then you can go through the following given list:

camping essentials for summersA Good Sunscreen

One of the most important things to carry with you when going camping in summers is a good quality sunscreen for both your face and your body. The sunscreen protects your ski from getting tanned or burnt during camping outdoors and is a must. You must make sure that you apply it after every few hours for its best effect and results.


Another item that you may need for a summer camp is a good pair of sunglasses that also offer UV protection. The sunglasses must be comfortable and should fit you right. Keep them close as you can need them anytime.

Plenty of Water and a Water Bottle

Carry a large sized water bottle with you which has the ability to keep the water cold inside. Don’t go to a camp without arranging for enough water as during the heat hours, you will need to hydrate yourself well and at regular intervals.  Also, if possible keep other liquids like fresh fruit juices and energy drinks to keep energy levels up.

A Cap/Hat

It is a good idea to carry a cap or a hat to protect you from direct sunlight which can make it difficult for you to hike or be outdoors. The cap must be able to put a shadow on your face and should be effective enough.

An Electric Fan

Sleeping in a tent during hot summer months can be very difficult and you will need a good portable electric fan too. The fan can cool the tent and will allow you to sleep well during an overnight camping trip.

A Bug Spray

Summer months can bring out many types of bugs and insects which may make your camp stay uncomfortable. To deal with them, don’t forget to carry a bug spray with you.

Light Clothing

Make sure you take and wear light colored and light material clothing items with you. It is better to opt for soft cottons of light colors like whites, pastels and others. Avoid wearing silk, wool or other thick material clothes as they don’t allow your skin to breathe. Also, don’t wear blacks or other dark colors too.

A Light Stole/Scarf

To protect yourself from the sunlight, it is advisable to carry a scarf of a stole which can also double up as your handkerchief to wipe sweat during a hot summer day of camping or hiking.