Planning for a Family Camping Trip- Tips to Prepare Your Kids for Tent Sleeping

Sleeping in a tent on a camping trip or under some other circumstances can be difficult to adjust to, for even adults. Considering this, it is important for most parent and caregivers to prepare their kids properly when they are expected to spend the night in a tent. There are many parts of sleeping in the tent that may make a kid uncomfortable.

For example the possibility of sleeping in an open environment as against in a secure environment of a house may offset a kid and make him uncomfortable in the tent setting. Considering the soft and critical nature of a kids psyche, they should be prepared with utmost caution. Below is a list of a few ways in which a kid can be prepared for sleeping in a tent.

planning for a family camping tripIndoor Tents

This is one of the most commonly used and the smartest way to prepare a kid for sleeping in a tent. Kids do not mostly take things at face value and adjust to things because of the practical factor involved. They have to be taught to make adjustments. And to help them adjust to sleeping in tents in real situations, it is best to have them practise the same indoors.

You can plan an indoor tent party for your kids or such events so that they are accustomed to sleeping in the tent. It will take a while for them to adjust sleeping out of the bed, but once they know how much fun sleeping in a tent can be they sure will enjoy it.

Camping Spirit

Before taking kids out on camping trips teach them about the fun and the spirit of camping in the open. Chances are, if they are in awe of camping out in the open they will be more comfortable when asked to sleep out in the tents. It is all about painting a fun picture for the kids, who will then expect to enjoy and get engrossed in it.

Backyard Camping

Another alternative to indoor tent activities is backyard camping. Camping in one’s own backyard replicates the effects of actual camping as far as possible. Sleeping in the tent in the backyard under the night sky, can help them get accustomed to enjoying the tent activities. More than getting them accustomed the ritual can also help them take initiative in the whole activity if their experience is fun.

Involve in Preparation

Involving kids in the preparations for a trip which includes sleeping in tent is also a good way to get them excited about it. Being enthusiastic about planning and going for the trip can do the trick to set the mood and prepare kids for sleeping in the tent.

Discuss it with Kids

A lot of kids respond exceptionally well to parents discussing topics like sleeping in the tent. Your kid can become quite comfortable with the idea just by your efforts to talk to them and explain to them everything they need to know about sleeping in tents.