Four Best Summer Camping Spots

If you want to embrace the nature and spend a wonderful summer time, summer camps are the ideal activities that can make your holidays really enjoyable! You can experience a homely ambience with multiple room tents and campfire feasts with well-appointed campsites. Backpackers can rest and enjoy the peace and serenity at the isolated areas in backcountries as well. Here are some best selected places to go camping during summer time:

Summer Camping Spots

Backcountry Camping

Glacier National Park, Montana (US):If you want to explore natural wonderland you can easily apt for Glacier National Park’s. To explore and enjoy the park’s beauty, you can pack your backpack for a multi day backcountry adventure. The park updates its back country summer camping guide each year as that is a necessary accessory for the backpackers who intend to cover the night time at one of the distant and isolated campsites. Primitive summer campsites have a spot for tents, pit toilets and also a specific place to prepare and store the food securely. If you are planning for backcountry camping, it will need some serious preparation about the area permit ahead of time and planning for fluctuating weather as well. Also clean water packaging options, proper food storage and self defence from the resident wildlife, like the mountain bears, lions are extra points that should be kept in mind while preparing yourself and the team. This is one of the best summer camp sites throughout the world

Forest Camping

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah (US): Bryce Canyon National Park is best known for its tall and crude spires those are commonly known as hoodoos including three unique forest areas. There are different forest areas with combination of spruce and Ponderosa pines. Also two summer camp grounds are there in the park with an exclusive sunset campground. There are altogether 100 campsites appropriate for summer season for you to explore and enjoy your summer camping.

Beach Camping

Pismo Beach (California): Known to be a perfect coastal summer camping spot, offering the campers a host full of things to see and get indulge in that includes surf fishing, clam hunting for the famous Pismo clam, and some refreshing swimming and hiking facilities during the summer. Te colourful insects come here annually in millions and are really special attraction that attracts people from round the globe. The beach is adorned with trees affluently and visited by thousands of bird watchers every year.

Wildlife Camping

Hershey High Meadow Campground, Hershey (United States):  this is a clean summer campground that is located just 5 minutes from Hershey, Pennsylvania. Here you can enjoy all the delicious fun of Hershey park theme, fun of various tent sites, zoo, North American Wildlife Park, and Hershey’s Chocolate World with 3D shows and free chocolate-making tour rides. These summer camp grounds include two sparkling pools and plenty of outdoor activities. It is special because of its spectacular views from 500 foot cliffs, miles of hiking trails, and swimming areas including two large sandy beaches.

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