Minimize the Camping Gear to Fit Your Car

The main point of going camping is to get away from it all. However, since there are so many different kinds of camping gear on the market, you may end up having too much “stuff” and this is the time you should consider minimalist packing. There are some tips to use to pack in a smart and space conscious way.

Minimize the Camping Gear to Fit Your Car

Multipurpose Items

The point of camping is to give up the comfort of your home. If this is your goal, you cannot become a gear-oriented camper. When packing choose the items that serve more than one purpose, that are compact, and that you cannot live without. You shouldn’t lose the joy of just getting out there over the joy of having hi-tech gear with you.

One Backpack Per Camper

Make it a rule that all the campers under the age of 10 have to share a backpack and those over the age of 10 who accept to do the same will receive a bonus. Everything has to fit in this bag. Another rule should be that if a camper cannot carry their bag for at least 10 minutes without wanting to put it down, they have to leave something at home.

Basic Items

You should make a list of all the items you will need at the campsite. This list refers to accommodation, sleeping gear, clothing, cooking gear, lighting, and basic items. You have to remember not to overdo things; the 10th pair of socks might be a little too much for 3 days.

The Stuff you don’t need

While the marketing campaigns say you cannot live without these items, there is some gear you don’t really need. These include coffee makers and appliances, lounge chairs and folding tables, heaters, large lamps or other electric gadgets, and other fancy things that your grandparents would have never brought.

Bathroom Needs

In many cases the bathroom needs are categorized as basic items, but there are some products that you can survive without. You will need a toothbrush, toothpaste, a bar of soap, some shampoo, and deodorant. If it doesn’t take a lot of space, you can bring dental floss too.

Food Selection

Keep the food selection to a minimum. Although there is a great variety for Quick Camping Food, you should stick to the food you know is suitable for camping. Have some basic seasoning, water, juice, milk, fruits, vegetables, rice, pasta, oats, instant coffee, and teabags.