Top 5 Quick Camping Food Ideas

The zeal of everyday life often gets mundane due to monotonous flow; camping is one of those ideas that instantly energize and gears you up.

Camping involves the excitement of cooking and having meals in outdoors and to get this done, cooking can become a rewarding experience while you get engaged preparing for the fun and easy meals for the camp days.

Camping foods have to be simple to pack and store as you have to carry your meal throughout all day activities like hiking, canoeing and many more. You have to pick those foods as well which will boost your energy fuel for all physical activities. Below given is a list of some quick camping food recipes.

quick camping food ideas

1. Yummy Hot dogs

One of the simplest and easiest methods of cookery over the world is grilling your meat. Utilizing this method of cooking you can prepare yummy hot dogs during camping with no hazards and minimum refrigeration is necessary.

All you need to prepare this food is a stick and good fire. Roasting your hot dog over a loud campfire will obviously led you to pop up a bite on it to cherish the juice coming out of it.

2. Pancakes

Another camp friendly food can be pancakes, flapjacks or hotcakes. This food item not only requires few ingredients, it is very easy to prepare as well as to pack and store.

To prepare you have to combine 3 large spoonful of flour with a pinch of salt and have to pour enough water to make a creamy batter. Grease a skillet with either saved cooking bacon or sausage. Finally pour the batter into it.

3. Cornbread

Cornbread is known to be the most convenient food for camping as it’s very easy to cook and needs no storage hassles. The ingredients will include cornmeal, water, salt, fat for greasing and a skillet.

Make a mixture of ½ cup of cornmeal, 1 tsp fat, water and pinch of salt. Grease your skillet to put on the fire until it smokes. Next step is to pour your batter into the skillet and wait to turn until one side gets brown in color.

4. Franks and Beans

Franks and Beans are that kind of food that can be served in different ways. You can utilize these as the filling of your hot dog to add protein and fiber to your camping meal.

You can fry baked beans with some chopped onion and excess fat to serve with hot dog. Tomato ketchup will add extra spice to your food.

5. Baked Potato

To experience to cook in tin foil, baked potatoes will be the right choice for you. Before wrapping make some holes on the skin of a potato and keep it either on hot bed of coals of place on a rock close to the low fire.

Within half an hour to confirm cooking again poke it with fork. Eat it with your salad or as the filler for your sandwich with ketchup.

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