Benefits of Awnings While Camping

Camper awnings are the awnings made up of canvas or vinyl material which are used mainly for protection from harsh sunlight and rain during camping.  Many people also opt for permanent camping awnings so that there is no chance for any discomfort while camping.

The awnings are usually fitted inside a roller tube and when you press the remote control they extend to its original size and you can even position them flexibly by inserting the supporting rods in them and placing them at an angle you want. There are a lot of benefits of awnings while camping and below given is the list of the same:

benefits of awnings while camping

  • Camper awnings protect the campers from the harsh and harmful UV rays of the sun when they are sitting outside the camper van.
  • The awnings will also save the campers from getting soaked.
  • The camper awnings will protect the front doorway portion of the camper van in rainy season by creating an overhead shelter so that the rain water does not fall directly on the front glass of the vehicle.
  • Camping experiences are often disturbed because of insects and mosquitos and the repellent creams and lotions which we carry don’t really help. In this case, the awnings help keeping the mosquitoes and insects away with the help of netted extensions.
  • When not in use these camping awnings can be installed by at houses to make them energy efficient.
  • The camper awnings can be rolled back again into the metal rods when they are not in use and hence they would not occupy a lot of space in you camping luggage.
  • Awnings provide the campers with a protection from cold wind as the campers can easily get protection from it by installing awnings in the required angles.
  • Awnings are the best way to increase the living space at camping and hence, if you want to have a barbecue or a small camp fire outside your tent, you can put the chairs under the awning so that you have some protection above you.
  • Awnings almost double the living area of your tents and hence, if you have a small tent but more people for camping, you can put down the net extensions of the awnings and make one or two people sleep under the awnings comfortably inside sleeping bags.
  • There are camping awnings with attached sleeping cabins so that the space of the tent can be extended enough to increase it to fit more people.
  • Camping awnings also come with removable panels so that if you want to enjoy the warm sunlight while camping, you can remove he panels and enjoy basking in the sun.
  • If you choose to buy deep awnings, you will get a large floor space inside.

These benefits of camping awnings make it essential for you to purchase one as it is a long term investment useful for camping, especially when you are going with your family so that everyone stays comfortable and protected from harsh weather and other conditions.

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