Top 5 Tips to Snowboard through Moguls

Mogul fields can prove to be a lot of fun for snowboarders.  If you are someone who knows snowboarding and is ready for the next challenge, then moguls can prove to be just the right field for you.  But it is not always that easy to do so since moguls involve another level of difficulty in snowboarding and even some of the seasoned snowboarders may find it tough to master this field. Thus we have come up with a list of snowboarding tips to make your way through moguls comfortable.

snowboard through moguls

1. Using Knees as Shock Absorbers

One of the best tips for snowboarding through moguls is to make use of your knees as shock absorbers. This helps you take on the bumps and lumps on the road. But for this, your knees must be soft and should always be ready to flex. The knees must be able to bend as the ground under you tends to undulates.

2. Pivot Turns

Another amazing tip that will help you snowboard through moguls is to pivot turns. In a mogul field, the space that you have to turn is tight.  Thus in such a case you don’t have time to make sweeping turns.  Thus you must be a master of pivot in such a case. A pivot is basically a technique where you don’t wait for the board to come around when turning but rather force it to round by spinning on your leg which is in the front and pushing it with the leg that is on the back.

3. Build Stamina

In over to snowboard smoothly through a mogul, you must work on your stamina a lot.  Moguls can be very hard on your legs and can take a toll on your fitness levels.  You need to have very strong and fit legs in order to handle a mogul field well.  To build stamina, try working on weights with your legs as it builds a lot of strength.

4. Try it Once

Before thinking that you can’t snowboard through a mogul, consider giving it a try atleast. Also, after you have worked on your stamina and know how to use your knees as shock absorbers, you need to give it a go. In the starting, try traversing simply through the field from one side to another.

After this, slowly work your way down through the hillside, allowing your legs to flex. This will give you a good experience and feel for the amount of flex you need in your knees. After you have got the experience, you can work on the flex more and also build your stamina further.

5. Keep Practicing

The trick is to keep practicing till you get a hang of it and are familiar with the various challenges that may arise. Only practicing can help you master the art and will make you realize how much more skills you need to develop. Try regularly and do not leave the sessions in between.