Top 5 Effective Tips for Powder Snowboarding

Powder snow is the ideal condition for skiing and snowboarding. Some of the mountain slopes well known as ski destinations have this type of snow. However, there are few important techniques you need to follow while skiing or snowboarding in powder snow, otherwise the experience will not be as enjoyable as it should be. Indeed, you can have accidents too. Thus it is better to learn first before you start the sport. Here are a few advices on how to snowboard on powdered snow that might make it easier for you to pick up.

If you are a snowboarder you already know that snowboarding on powder snow can be delightful. But to make the experience more memorable, here are some tips for you.

tips for powder snowboarding

  • You need to fix the stance on the snowboard before you actually embark on snowboarding down the slope. Take your weight a bit backwards of the board. You should stand an inch or so backwards from your usual stance. This gives a longish nose and a shorter trail.
  • Shifting the hip and the weight backwards does help, but you must also remember that there can be certain disadvantages of this stance. For example when you shift your weight to the back, the rear leg gets tired more quickly. Also it makes you unable to enjoy all types of land forms, and neither does it help in the case of an all day snowboarding plan. Thus be careful not to shift the whole weight to your behind.
  • It is a known fact that your snowboarding speeds get slowed down by powder snow. Thus in order to maintain the momentum, you should go for open turns and not closed ones. This means each time you take a turn the board does not go all the way across the line of fall. This helps you retain the speed. On the other hand, in the turns where the board goes all the way, it slows you down at every turn, so that might be more than a minor irritant.
  • Before you go out snowboarding, you should also make sure that you select the board perfectly suitable for the task. Now, boards have changed in years as far as their shapes and makes are concerned. There are customized powder snow boards available in the market these days. The specialized board made for powder has a raised nose and tail tip. The raised nose of the board helps the boarder to retain their speed by not submerging inside the powder snow.
  • Use less edge angle when surfing through a powdered terrain. This will help you retain your original speed, whereas if you use more edge angles, it will cause your board’s nose to dip inside the snow thereby slowing you down. A less edge angle and a base that is flatter help in snowboarding through powder.

These are a few important tips that will help you better in snowboarding. Also remember that early morning snowboarding is a far better option and generally snow boarders choose that time of the day to snowboard through powder.