Top 8 Snowboarding Destinations Across the World

Snowboarding is one of the most adventurous and popular winter sports and is one which sees a lot of enthusiasts in the world come together to snowboard on mountains, peaks and hills across the world. Snowboarding lovers do not mind travelling to different destinations and locations in the world to practice their passion. There are several destinations which are ideal for snowboarding and the following is a list of the top 8 such destinations:

1. Breckenridge, Colorado

breckenridge, coloradoThis is one of the top and most loved snowboarding destinations in the world and is one where people can combine their other passion as well-travelling. Professionals, amateurs and learners all gather at this place to snowboard as there are many terrain parks and challenging mountain terrains to offer enough thrill. The mountain is also known for hosting many snowboarding competitions.

2. Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada

This is a breathtaking and huge snowboarding mountain which is loved by snowboarders from around the world. It has a lovely vertical drop and enough space to practice this passion. There is something for everyone on this destination and makes for an ideal snowboarding vacation.

3. Hokkaido, Japan

hokkaido, japanThis is Japan’ northernmost island of Hokkaido and makes for an unforgettable experience. At this destination, fresh snow falls continuously and thus this is also a reason why this place is so loved by snowboarders.

4. Lake Tahoe, California

On the list of best snowboarding destinations in the world, Lake Tahoe, California is a favorite of many. The lovely lake, the awesome view and the ideal terrain for snowboarding make this a perfect destination and the 7 resorts in this area make it a comfortable trip as well.

5. Wanaka, New Zealand

wanaka, new zealandSnowboarding resorts in New Zealand are open snowfields and this makes the experience of snowboarding in New Zealand simply unique and amazing. There is endless snow and no trees in sight which only adds to the fun and enjoyment. There are also local club fields which too you can choose if you do not wish to snowboard in one of the resort terrains.

6. Les Arcs, France

This is another amazing place for all those who just cannot get enough of snowboarding. There are several bars and nightclubs in the area to crowd in the evenings in order to beat the cold. Both night and day trains take you to this place from different cities in France.

7. Mammoth Mountain, California

mammoth  mountain, californiaThe best riders of the world meet at Mammoth Mountain every year to showcase their snowboarding skills and to have a lot of fun. The mountain is usually open from October to June and this is when the enthusiasts gather to witness beauty, thrill, excitement and passion.

8. Island Lake Lodge, Canada

This is another place in Canada which is known for the snowboarding activity. Enthusiasts from across the world come to this place during the peak season. This is a slightly expensive destination but must be on the list of every snowboarding lover.