6 Useful Tips to Snowboard Through Trees

Snowboarding through trees is always exciting, challenging and exhilarating. For the beginners, tree snowboarding is not at all an ideal adventure to try because this requires professionalism and expertise. Going too fast and recklessly on a snowboard is a very difficult task, therefore there are some important tips that a person should follow while snowboarding through tress.

The skills and expertise that you require are a combination of ability to board through the bumps and powder. Given below are some useful tips to snowboard through trees.

tips to snowboard through trees

Start with Mellow Tree Runs

The efficiency and difficulty of snowboarding through trees is based on how tightly the trees are packed and how steep the slope is. Always start your boarding through the widely spaced tree areas because this will help you react to future turns. The turns that you take through the tress must be very sharp and fast.

Look for the Future Turns

When you are planning to snowboard through trees, always look for your future turns. Do not aim at looking to the number of trees coming ahead but look where your next couple of turns will lie. The lesser the space between the trees, lesser the time you will get to think and analyze. So to avoid just bumping into the trees, figure out which path you need to take to swiftly drive your snowboard. Try and avoid unnecessary cliff drops and nasty obstacles by keeping your initial pace slow.

Golden Tip

Never look at the trees, but the way: It is always recommended to the snowboarders that instead of looking ahead to the trees, you should look at the turns. This is so because your body would turn where you look. If you keep on looking at the trees, you will end up collapsing and running into the trees but if you will figure out the turns you have to board through, your body will turn according to that.

  • Your front arm should be cocked a little so that you are able to just brush away any branches or obstacles that might come in your way.
  • The weight of your entire body should be in the rear leg as this is very important to prevent you from falling off the snowboard.
  • Make sure that the snowboard that you are going to use is properly waxed. This is needed to maintain the speed while making smooth turns through the narrow trees.