Useful Snowboard Maintenance Tips and Suggestions

If you are someone who loves snowboarding and own your own snowboard/snowboards, then you must familiarize yourself with the various ways and tips to maintenance and repair your snowboard. A snowboard is an essential gear for those who love winter sports or snow activities and to ensure its proper performance, it may need regular maintenance. If you wish to know how to repair or maintenance your snowboard, you can go through the following given tips and suggestions.

useful snowboard maintenance tips

  • The first step to maintenance of a snowboard is to clean it regularly. Make sure that you clean the base every few times you ride and every time you wax it. For this use a dry rag first to sweet all the dust and dirt from its bottom. Now apply a base cleaner to the base by either spraying it directly or soaking a rag in the cleaner. Leave it there for about 15 minutes and then wipe down with a dry cloth.
  • If you wish to do the ding repair, then you will need to use a P-tex candle, a lighter and a scraper to do it. Before applying the wax, you will need to clean the board properly. Light the end of the candle holding it about an inch distance above the ding.  Let the candle drip in each of the scratch and then remove the excess with a scraper.  Follow up with good waxing.
  • Another thing you can do for maintenance is edge bevelling. For this you will need gummy stone, diamond stone and few other things.  Edge tuning is a superb way to in order to customize the snowboard.  For different types of needs, different actions may be needed.
  • Another step or method of maintenance of your snowboard is edge detuning. For this too, you will need certain things like gummy stone, a diamond stone, rag and others. Detuning the edges at the tip and tail can help lessen your chances of catching an edge. After bevelling the edges, use a flat file to round out around an inch of the rail at each of the ends of the effective edge.  After dulling each of the spots, run a gummy stone over the edges once again.
  • The next process or step of maintenance is waxing. For waxing, you will need an iron, a snowboard max, a scraper, a scotchbrite pad, brass, and nylon or horsehair brush. Waxing must be done about 2 to 3 times you ride and is one of the most important parts of overall maintenance. It increases the glide of the base and lets you ride smoother and faster.  It also provides protection against rocks and rails.

Everyone who snowboards on a regular basis must follow all the above given steps and methods to maintain their boards for a long lasting and effective performance. Without maintenance, the snowboard may begin to go old and may not give a long lasting smooth performance.