Going For Snowboarding- Avoid The 7 Most Common Mistakes

Snowboarding is a thrilling experience, as most snowboarders would agree. This is a sport of extreme adrenaline rush, intense physical workout and immense excitement. But at the same time, learning snowboarding can be a hard experience as there are many mistakes that one tends to make. In fact there are many common mistakes which a lot of snowboarders make due to lack of proper knowledge of training.

mistakes to avoid in snowboarding


The following are the top most common snowboarding mistakes:

1. The first most common snowboarding mistakes which is especially made by starters or beginners is that they tend to stand while fastening both their feet on the snowboard.  This is a mistake as you can end up going down the hill in an uncontrollable fashion.

2. Another common mistake made by many snowboarders is that they stick their butts out while bending over their knees and leaning forward at the same time.

3. It is common to see snowboarders trying to cushion their fall using their hands when they are about to fall on their back. This must always be avoided as this can lead to bruising and spraining of your wrists.

4. There is a technique called going backwards and down the hill. While doing this particular bit, many snowboarders put their heels down so that the back faces the downward direction. This is a common mistake which must be avoided because when you do this, you will immediately sore down the hill in high speed.  Rather than doing this, you must try to try to stand on your toes.

5. Many snowboarders, especially beginners go by the belief of ‘whenever I am in a fix, I should listen to my body as the body knows the best’. This belief must be completely taken out of your head because your instincts may not exactly help you while snowboarding. So rather than doing this, try to remember what you were taught during your snowboarding lessons.

6. Many snowboarders who are still in their learning phase tend to tell themselves that they won’t use the ski lift. This is a common mistake which must be avoided as using the ski lift will surely promote your progress and help you move onto the next stage of learning faster.

7. Many snowboarders avoid leaning on the front but leaning forward is the most important basic of snowboarding. You must remember to put atleast 60% of your weight on the front foot. Not following this tip is also one of the common mistakes.

Photo Credit By: philly.com