5 Must Try Water Activities for Campers

Camping is an art of getting close to nature while going far off from the daily hustle-bustles of life. But there is a small difference between camping and vacation. For a vacation, we usually plan a trip to visit the places of interest while relaxing ourselves in the posh hotels nearby. But in case of camping, you get to stay near nature, amongst the trees and beneath the blue sky.

It is lot more exciting and adventurous as there is a challenge in every step of camping. To make camping more fun-filled, campers must try these five water activities for relaxation. Set up your camp near a beach, lake, river or a swimming pool and enjoy the adventure.

5 Must Try Water Activities for Campers

1. Dolphin Relay

For this game, you will require a swimming pool and one beach ball per team. Divide your camp team into two equal groups. The first player is required to run down the pool and push the ball with forehead and nose. But if it is touched by any other body parts, they need to return to the starting point. And in this way, the relay continues until there is a winner.

2. Fill the Bottle

This game can be played by a small or a large group. For this water game, you will require a clean bucket, 4 Oz paper cups and 20 Oz pop bottles. This is a humorous game where one team member is required to lie on the ground with a 20 Oz pop bottle balancing over his forehead. Another member of the team should fill that bottle by taking water from the bucket using the paper cup. They are required to stand over the head and fill the bottle. Once finished, the team member who was lying should run with the bottle to the finishing line without spilling the water.

3. Greased Watermelon Polo

Set your camp near a pool or river and get a watermelon along with a jar of petroleum. Now grease the watermelon with Vaseline. Divide the team into equal halves and make rectangular walls on opposite sides. Your aim is to get that watermelon to the opponent’s wall without lifting it from water.

4. Hole in the Bucket

For this game, your camp must have a source of water along with a big trash can, two buckets, and two large coffee cans. Make several holes in the can using nails. Now start filling up the large tub with water. Now take your holed cans and fill it with water. Place the can above your head and pour the remaining water in the receiving bucket. It will go on like a relay until the receiving bucket is filled by one team.

5. Jump Rope Water Splash

Take a jump rope or skipping rope along with plastic cups and water and play with your large or small groups. Fill in each cup with water. Jumpers are required to take three consecutive jumps while holding their water-filled cups. The player with the maximum water in the cup will be the winner.

Apart from these, campers can try rafting, scuba diving, high jump in the waterfall, and several other games depending on their valor, potential, and interest.